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Madame Web Spider-Man Variants

As Sony continues to expand its Spider-Man spin-off universe, Madame Web continues to be a point of mystery as production moves along. Sony may be staying cryptic on exactly what the Spider-Verse story has in store, but there are clearly more Spider-Man connections than Venom or Morbius packed into it.

Rumors have already revealed Uncle Ben and a pregnant Mary Parker will be involved in the flick, with the cast also including multiple Spider-Women. But just as has been the case with each of Sony's Spider-Man spin-offs, many are wondering whether the wall-crawler himself will surface in some form.

Adam Scott had previously been speculated to be playing Peter Parker, before being revealed as Uncle Ben, and Tahar Rahim was recently spotted in a Spider-Man-inspired costume. Now, the latter has been all-but-confirmed to be playing a Marvel character who has taken on the persona of Spider-Man before.

Madame Web Set Reveals Spider-Man Variant

A new Madame Web set video, and a series of set photos, have shown Tahar Rahim's Marvel character jumping into the air in costume, revealing him to be playing Ezekiel Sims.

Rahim's costume - as shared by @kaineposting - clearly represents a comic-accurate look for Sims, although it's unclear how he fits into the bigger picture of Madame Web.

Ezekiel Sims
Marvel Comics

Between the iconic suit, shirt color, and lack of shoes, the costume clearly represents Sims, although Rahim is much younger than his comic counterpart.

The character has been both an ally and enemy of Spider-Man previously, having similar powers to the wall-crawler that he gained through ritualistic means.

Sims began by attempting to guide Peter Parker, before attempting to betray Spider-Man, and then ultimately sacrificing himself for the webhead.

Sims once became Spider-Man on Earth-4, where his final confrontation with Peter Parker (and Peter's eventual death) spurred Sims on to become his universe's web-slinging hero.

Ezekiel Sims Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

The set video of Rahim - as shared by @sharp_defend3r - can be seen below:

What Ezekiel Sims Means for Madame Web

Tahar Rahim has already been spotted in a Spider-Man-inspired costume on the Madame Web set fighting with the female heroes of the flick. So, Sony appears to be blending his heroic and villainous past into one as he likely serves as the lead antagonist of the Marvel flick.

Among Ezekiel Sims' past comes his involvement with the Inheritors, a family dedicated to hunting down Spider-People across the Multiverse. With an unborn Peter Parker growing inside the pregnant Mary Parker during the early 2000s Madame Web, perhaps they will be on the hunt for the Spider-Man-to-be.

If that were to be the case, one can only wonder which Spider-Man actor that baby will eventually grow up to be - Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, or another altogether. Or perhaps this takes place in the Venom-Verse and the villains will be successful, thus explaining the lack of Spider-Man in that world.

No matter what, Tahar Rahim doesn't seem to be taking on his Spider-Man persona in Madame Web, and he will be a villainous iteration if he does. Although, perhaps he will be ultimately redeemed by the end of it all, setting up a heroic future in Sony's Spider-Man world.

Madame Web hits theaters on February 16, 2024.

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