Spider-Man's SILK Spin-off Show Receives Promising Update

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been in the entertainment industry for years, but arguably their most influential film to date is 2018's animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Lord and Miller didn't serve as directors, but they are still credited as being the masterminds behind the Academy Award-winning movie. The duo's partnership with Sony Pictures in the past has been successful, and they will continue to work with the company in the future, most notably on the sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which will continue the story of Miles Morales.

Aside from their animated projects, Lord and Miller have also confirmed that they are developing multiple live-action series set in the Spider-Man universe. These projects will be completely under the Sony umbrella, so it is important to remember that they will not be a part of the MCU. One of the main shows that is reportedly in the works is their project about Silk, a Korean-American hero who got bit by the same spider as Spider-Man.

Since Lord and Miller's initial announcement that they would be taking on the Silk series, there have been no real developments. However, they have recently given an update on the series that sounds quite promising.

Silk Developments Coming Soon

Spider-Man and Silk

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller recently sat down on Deadline's Crew Call podcast to talk about the 2018 film's sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, as well as the pair's upcoming live-action series Silk, which will be a part of Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Lord and Miller were asked about Across the Spider-Verse and Silk, specifically regarding how the development process is going with both projects as of right now. Lord spoke up and revealed that they are handling everything "with great care," and that "there's a really exciting start" when it comes to Silk. He also teased that there would be new developments about the upcoming show "someday soon:"

"We're developing all that stuff with great care and there's a really exciting start for Silk. It's coming along. There'll be news someday soon."

Since the pair are known in the superhero genre for producing an animated film, many have questioned if their upcoming shows will be animated or live-action. Miller confirmed that Silk will be "live-action," and when asked if there were any actors cast yet, he responded with, "Negative."

Across the Spider-Verse recently suffered a delay, and it is now expected to release on June 2, 2023. Lord and Miller were asked about the delay and why they chose to move it back. Lord replied by saying they could have released it on the initial date "and it would have been fine," but admitted to knowing how high the "expectations" are for it. He added that they want to make it "as groundbreaking" and "special" as Into the Spider-Verse, which factored into the delay:

"Yeah, there was a moment where, 'We could try to get it out at the original date and it would be fine,'  but the expectations for this film is that its going to be - it has to be as groundbreaking and as special and as wonderful as, I think, the first one was. So we thought 'Let's not try and rush it. Let's make it good. Let's make it great. Let's make every scene be its best self and not just a thing we're doing to get it out on time.'"

Miller chimed in and said that although it will feature "infinite Multiverses," the film still needs to "obey physical reality of this dimension:"

"Even though its a film about infinite Multiverses, it still has to obey physical reality of this dimension."

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Many fans were upset when Across the Spider-Verse was delayed because of how well the first installment was received. It came out in 2018, and when the sequel releases, the two films will be five years apart. However, everyone has to take into account that there was a global pandemic that completely stopped production on almost every project in the entertainment business. On top of that, movies are hard enough to develop and produce when everything goes perfectly.

In the long run, viewers will more than likely be more pleased with the product that comes out in 2023 than what would have come out in 2022. Lord and Miller have more time to make the movie as perfect as they want, and going by their statements, they really want to create something that will be on par with Into the Spider-Verse​​​​​​.

As far as Silk goes, there still really isn't any public information, but Lord and Miller did say to expect something "soon." They have their hands busy with Across the Spider-Verse right now, but fans of Cindy Moon can expect to hear at least something sooner rather than later.

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