Brazil Govt. Releases Hilarious Spider-Man Dance Video to Promote Vaccines

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Spider-Man No Way Home Vaccination PSA

Spider-Man: No Way Home is inescapable at this point. The Tom Holland Spidey adventure hits theaters in just a few weeks and anticipation is at a boiling point.

The wall-crawling threequel won't just be the closing chapter to this first MCU web-headed trilogy, but looks serve as a celebration of the hero's nearly twenty-year history on the silver screenNo Way Home will do this by blowing the Multiverse wide open, inviting in villains (and maybe some heroes) from Spidey's past. 

The entire team behind the film has been having fun in the lead-up to the project, being very vocal on social media and appearing in various marketing material hyping up the release. And apparently, the cast and crew aren't the only ones getting in on the action. 

Spider-Man Says "Get Vaccinated"

The government of the Brazilian state of Maranhão tweeted out a Spider-Man: No Way Home-themed PSA promoting that people get their third COVID-19 booster vaccination. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Vaccine 1

The PSA features three Spider-Men in Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire's movie costumes dancing around and helping people to get their shot.

Spider-Man No Way Home Vaccine 2

The three are even seen celebrating their level of immunity with what looks to be a front-line healthcare worker.

Spider-Man No Way Home Vaccine 3

The Tweet translated says:

"Spider-Man seems to have already asked for backup to defeat the villains but have you already gotten your third dose against Covid-19?  Do not hesitate, because the booster dose can be given five months after the second. Let’s vaccinate!"

And the caption at the end of the video advises not to "reproduce [these stunts] at home:"

"Attention! The stunts in the film were performed by professionals. Do not try to reproduce them at home. Take your third dose of COVID-19 booster. And let’s save the world!"

 The full video and Tweet can be seen below:


All in a Day's Work for Spider-Man

If there was any doubt over Spidey's thoughts on vaccinations, those have been dashed. For as long as there have been superheroes, those same costumed characters have been used for causes such as this. 

Whether it was spelling the dangers of drugs in the '50s and '60s or promoting the benefits of a vaccine today, these heroes have served as the "best of" humanity for nearly a century. Now, most of the time, stuff like this is done in an official capacity on the comic page and not done with what looks to be Halloween costumes and a couple of talented dancers, but the sentiment is the same. 

The hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home is a worldwide phenomenon and this is a perfect example of that. Not only are fans itching to get their hands on any info regarding the film stateside, but it seems the positive energy surrounding the film has also made its way across the equator. 

Sure, this doesn't really count as marketing for the film, but it is capitalizing on the excitement that many have for its impending release, and may get some more shots in arms in doing so. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home can be seen in theaters worldwide on December 17.  

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