Angry SnyderVerse Fans Reject Studio Plan, Get ‘Fire James Gunn’ Trending

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Fans of Zack Snyder's work within the DCEU are upset with James Gunn and Peter Safran's upcoming ideas for the DCU.

Since Joss Whedon's version of Justice League in 2017 was released and met with both critics and fans talking about it so negatively, many DC fans lobbied for Snyder to be brought back by Warner Bros. so that he could release his version of the film and continue the cinematic universe that he had planned.

However, even though Zack Snyder's Justice League was released, the conflict with Darkseid has no plans to ever move forward in any capacity, and the studio hired Gunn and Safran to get DC back on the map with their own vision of what the future of the franchise should look like.

Some have previously expressed their disappointment with this decision, and now that Gunn officially revealed the first slate of the new DCU, which was been titled Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, these fans have surfaced once again to talk about how much they dislike the whole situation.

SnyderVerse Fans Upset by New DCU Announcement

Zack Snyder, Justice League

Following James Gunn's announcement of the upcoming slate of projects for the new DCU, some fans of Zack Snyder's take on the DC universe expressed their disappointment with Gunn's choice of projects. This has led to the hashtag "#FireJamesGunn" trending via Twitter.

@foxpiss69 expressed their disappointment with what they believe to be a "mid slate" by posting a meme suggesting that the franchise will flop:

"Let's ignore the mid slate and focus on this. #FireJamesGunn #SellZSJLtoNetflix"

Twitter user @B_Dub3 mentioned how there was originally going to be a "Darkseid invasion" in Snyder's universe, which would have been much better in their opinion than the projects recently announced:

"We traded a Darkseid invasion for this. 

#FireJamesGunn #BoycottWB"

@Amazon_artemis stated that the new slate seems to be centered around "no names" when it comes to the featured characters, despite their being confirmed Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern projects:

"That's so on brand for James Gunn to focus on some no names for him to self insert so no one will realize he doesn't know how to write these characters. And now your locked into to watch all the mid TV shows to understand the movies lmao good luck #FireJamesGunn"

@luchofsteel jumped on the bandwagon of wanting Snyder to continue his DC story on Netflix:

"The wait will be over when you #SellZSJLtoNetflix #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #FireJamesGunn"

User @KobeSpurlock seems to be displeased with there not being another Justice League film "for another 7 YEARS." They also went on to blame "'true DC fans'" for Snyder not being able to finish his vision:

"And there won't be another JL for another 7 YEARS? I'll be as old as Henry was in 'MOS 'by then. Because of yall 'true DC fans' yall have to start over from scratch for nearly a decade instead of just letting zack finish his movies like next year. Fuck yall #FireJamesGunn"

@Kavorkian3 posted a photo via Twitter comparing Man of Steel to Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, claiming that the former is "a masterpiece," and the latter is "trash:" 

"#firejamesgunn this is the difference between a masterpiece and trash.. the trash was produced by Jame's Gunn."

@MaJoJovi was more upset about Gunn's recent comments regarding former Superman actor Henry Cavill. Gunn's comment was that "Henry was never cast" as Superman in the new DCU, which upset the Twitter user:

"So, according to James Gunn... Henry Cavill and @TheRock LIED when they announced Cavill's return as Superman? 

Cavill invented the story with them, posted it on his social media and later gave an interview to Josh Horowitz? 

Is Gunn serious? 


SnyderVerse Fans Not Giving Gunn a Chance

Zack Snyder may not have been able to finish his entire vision for the DCEU, but that book is now closed. Warner Bros. released Zack Snyder's Justice League in 2021 to offer some sort of a conclusion to the story, with the Justice League defeating Steppenwolf and sending a message to Darkseid.

However, these fans that continue to praise Snyder's work and constantly lobby for it to be brought back either by Warner Bros. or on Netflix won't even give Gunn a chance with his new DCU plans.

It is impossible to take such a strong stance to one side when the projects that were announced don't even have actors' names attached to the characters that will be in them. Opinions are always going to be different for different people, and some of these projects that were recently announced could end up being negatively reviewed, but some fans want to sink the ship before it has even been placed in the water.

The likelihood of Snyder's story getting continued is extremely slim to none, and for the time being, this new DCU will be taking center stage for the franchise as a whole.

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