She-Hulk Actress Teases Hero’s Extreme Strength In the MCU

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She-Hulk Show Strength

With Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel now concluded, it’s time to turn the attention towards the next MCU hero to be introduced: Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters, aka, She-Hulk. The character is the cousin of the famous Bruce Banner, who happens to be a lawyer on top of maintaining her new superhero persona.

Sadly, the first trailer for the project didn’t quite hit all the right notes with audiences. The VFX for her was not amazing and left many fans wanting more—though the subpar detailing could have simply been the victim of YouTube compression, as called out by Corridor Crew.

Either way, this legal comedy has been promised to be a completely unique experience for the MCU, and by no means should anyone give up hope that it’ll be another top-notch Marvel Studios affair.

Now, Tatiana Maslany has once again spoken out about her character, this time teasing audiences about the character’s unexpected strength—even if she isn’t the same size as her Avenging cousin.

She-Hulk’s Extreme Strength


In Empire Magazine, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star Tatiana Maslany talked about her new Marvel hero in the upcoming Disney+ show. Maslany noted how she’s not always aware of her extreme strength, as “she’s not a trained fighter,” and that “she could just flick someone, and they’d go flying:”

 “She’s not a trained fighter at all; she could just flick someone, and they’d go flying… this is one lawyer you don’t want to find you guilty.”

As for filming a performance of a character double her size, Maslany joked how “you feel like a dork, but somehow also cool at the same time:”

“You feel like a dork, but somehow also cool at the same time… [We] talked about how [the process] separates us from the other superheroes, which works for our characters as they’re outsiders.”

One of the road bumps Jennifer Walters will come up against is Jameela Jamil’s Titania, whose strength rivals that of the titular character. Maslany revealed how Jameela is “very vocal on political issues,” which she believes the actress drew on when performing the character:

“Jameela’s very vocal on political issues, and I think she drew on that and was able to sort of wink at those things when she was approaching this character.”

Jennifer Walters Can Benchpress the Best of Them

In recent footage from the show, Maslany’s She-Hulk can be seen training with Bruce Banner against some Stark Tech. This is almost certainly a sequence meant to show audiences exactly what Maslany referenced in her quote—Walters isn’t always aware of her own strength.

It’s something she’ll need to learn to be more aware of. Especially since the character seems to be trying to balance her newfound powers with a normal 9-5 job—an interesting goal, for sure.

But how strong is she compared to her cousin? Or any of the other MCU heroes? It’ll probably be a long while before those questions truly get explored, but that leaves plenty of time for fans to start theorizing.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on August 17, exclusively on Disney+.

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