Disney+ Accidentally Reveals She-Hulk’s Release Date

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going green when it releases She-Hulk on Disney+. Billed as a half-hour legal comedy, the series will reportedly break the mold of the usual MCU fare that gets released on the popular streaming platform, meaning that it's meant to be far more comical and irreverent than say, Moon Knight. If the rumors are true, the lead character, Jennifer Walters, played by Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, might even break the fourth wall and address the audience directly, just as she did in many of her original comic book appearances.

Coming along for the ride is Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner, making his return after Avengers Endgame (and the post-credit scene of Shang-Chi). If Jen's traditional origin is explored, then Banner's inclusion in the show is extremely necessary, as it is a Gamma-infused blood transfusion from Bruce that transforms her into She-Hulk. Judging by the already-released footage from She-Hulk, Bruce will also be on hand to help school Walters on her newfound abilities.

Originally, it was speculated that the series would drop before another of Marvel Studios' series, Ms. Marvel. But those rumors were dispelled when Ms. Marvel was announced to drop on June 8. Word later spread that the show wouldn't drop until the very end of 2022 or into 2023 due to VFX difficulties, but that ended up being false as well. 

So when does all the fun actually start? Well, a new post made officially by Disney has probably, albeit accidentally, revealed when this Marvel Studios series will premier.

When Will She-Hulk Premiere?

She-Hulk Disney

According to a seemingly accidental post on the official Disney website in the UK (via What's on Disney Plus), She-Hulk will premiere on Wednesday, August 17.

This will place the debut episode five weeks after Ms. Marvel's finale and just under six weeks post-Thor: Love and Thunder hitting theaters. 

Marvel Studios normally announces its release dates through higher-profile channels like a mass-released trailer or large event. This reveal of the She-Hulk release date is something of an anomaly and a little unceremonious on Marvel's part, making it almost certain it was accidental.

She-Hulk Will Be a FX-Heavy Spectacular

Of course, just given the nature of how Hulk-like characters are brought to the screen, She-Hulk is an extremely CGI-intensive program. Maslany and Ruffalo will provide motion-capture performances for their characters in Hulk form, which will translate even their most subtle movements onto the computer-generated characters.

In the brief snippets of footage that fans have already received from the series, only Bruce was shown in full as the Hulk. She-Hulk was only shown from the back, suggesting that the special effects needed to bring her to life weren't finished yet. After all, the production already had the completed and polished CGI assets for the Hulk leftover from Avengers: Endgame, so it makes sense that he's featured in the trailer.

Tim Roth will also return as Emil Blonsky aka, the Abomination, so there's another extremely FX-heavy character on the cast list.

As mentioned above, Marvel Studios' She-Hulk will be available to stream starting August 17, only on Disney+.

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