She-Hulk: New Daredevil Scene Revealed In Latest Trailer

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She-Hulk New Daredevil Scene

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues to build anticipation due to the inclusion of a few big names from across the Marvel Universe, one of those being Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. Following his long-awaited arrival in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Man Without Fear is confirmed to play a role in She-Hulk's debut Disney+ outing.

While Daredevil has only had a couple of seconds of screentime thus far, he's made waves across the fandom in a quick fashion. Fans saw the first look at him in costume during the second official She-Hulk trailer that debuted during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, only offering a tease about what's to come between two of Marvel's most well-known lawyers.

Closer to She-Hulk's arrival on Disney+, promos gave fans a full look at Daredevil's new red-and-yellow suit, allowing Cox to shine in what will be his first time fully suited up as Daredevil since his time playing the character on Netflix. Now, with one episode under Marvel's belt, a new TV ad provided yet another tease about Matt and Jen's relationship within the MCU moving forward.

She-Hulk & Daredevil Join Forces in New Ad

Courtesy of Twitter user @SheHulkSource, Marvel Studios released a new 10-second TV promotional trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+.

In the ad, She-Hulk is seen fully Hulked out and wearing her final costume as she tosses a file cabinet or a locker in what appears to be an abandoned and overgrown gym.

She-Hulk spot
Marvel Studios

She's also seen next to Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock, who makes another appearance in the show's marketing campaign as he dons his full Daredevil suit next to the titular heroine.

She-Hulk spot
Marvel Studios

The full promo can be seen below, with the brief Daredevil scene occurring at the :05 mark:


How Close Will She-Hulk & Daredevil Be?

While Daredevil has been confirmed on numerous occasions to play a role in She-Hulk, there are still no signs pointing to what that role will actually be alongside Tatiana Maslany's leading heroine. The only thing said about that role so far is that it will be "different" from the Netflix shows, and with this new ad, he'll at least start off a new important relationship with Jen Walters.

The two appear to be in some kind of abandoned gym in Los Angeles, which will likely come after the moment when Daredevil leaps and flips over Jennifer and shows off his full costume in action. With no signs pointing to how big his role is, this could come later in the show's nine-episode run, but there's a chance that critics are keeping his debut a secret after seeing it in the first four episodes that came as a screener.

Regardless of how the plot details turn out, this ad only continues to show that She-Hulk will utilize Daredevil the best it can after finally having the chance to use him in Phase 4 of the MCU. This will be the first step toward a bigger comeback in 2024's Daredevil: Born Again, with Cox now looking to plant his flag in the MCU's evolving narrative for the foreseeable future.

Episode 1 of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+.

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