Sebastian Stan Shares Hilarious Marvel Recording Footage For Disney+'s What If...?

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The anticipation for What If...? is high, especially after the newly-revealed trailer for the MCU animated series

As part of Marvel's massive Phase 4 slate, What If...? is set to tell alternate versions of storylines from the Infinity Saga. For example, characters like Peggy Carter and Erik Killmonger will be given new stories that would change the timeline completely, with the former taking the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers while the latter forms an unlikely alliance with Tony Stark

The series is inspired by the comic run of the same name, and it will feature Jeffrey Wright's The Watcher as its cosmic narrator. 

Marketing for What If...? already revealed a good chunk of the show's alternate storylines, with it even teasing an intriguing team-up of heroes dubbed as the Guardians of the Multiverse. The series will also bring back MCU veterans to lend their voice to their respective characters, but not all of them will return in the animated affair due to unknown circumstances

Despite that, it looks like one of the returning MCU actors is having a pretty good time voicing his fan-favorite character in new behind-the-scenes footage. 


Bucky Barnes Sebastian Stan

In an Instagram post, Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan posted a new behind-the-scenes video of himself recording lines for Marvel Studios' What If...? animated series.

In the video, the MCU actor can be seen goofing around while he tries to channel his inner Bucky for the animated Disney+ series.

The post can be seen below:



The first official trailer for What If...? revealed that Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes will go up against a zombified version of his best friend, Steve Rogers. While this new behind-the-scenes footage is goofy all around, it's safe to say that this is the initial glimpse of how Bucky will react to seeing Earth's Mightiest Zombies.

Bucky is known for being a serious MCU character, but this footage could hint that Stan will likely add some more humor into his performance for this What If...? episode. It remains to be seen which other MCU characters will join Bucky in this zombie-infested adventure, but it's possible that a surprise character will be revealed.

What If...? head writer A. C. Bradley previously teased that "there are more than a few surprising MCU cameos" in the animated series, and there's a strong chance that the Bucky-led episode will feature some of those surprises. Whether it is a newfound ally amid the apocalypse or an unexpected zombie hero or even villain, the Marvel Zombies-inspired installment will definitely excite fans.

As for Stan, the actor previously shared that he is having a good time playing Bucky, with him even admitting that he will continue to play the MCU hero "as long as [Marvel will] keep calling." Based on this video, it's safe to say that he will be back for more, and this should further solidify Bucky's place in the franchise, whether it may be animated or live-action.

What If...? will start streaming on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

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