My Adventures With Superman Just Set Up 1 Justice League Hero's Origin

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My Adventures With Superman Justice League

My Adventures with Superman just teased a major Justice League member's origin in its latest episode. 

The show has wasted no time introducing some iconic DC characters to combat Superman like Mr. Mxyzptlk, Lex Luthor, and even various versions of Lois Lane

My Adventures with Superman is expanding in every direction, adding more substance to the new animated series and making it more recognizable to DC Comics fans while still keeping its original flair

Will My Adventures With Superman Introduce The Justice League? 

My Adventures with Superman introduced reporter Vicki Vale in Episode 8, but it’s actually her resume in the show that makes the development interesting. 

Lois Lane excited to see Vicki Vale

When Lois Lane shows her excitement for getting to work with a top-tier reporter like Vicki Vale, she mentions some of Vale’s biggest accomplishments, including that Vale was the reporter who “broke the Queen Industries inheritance scandal.” 

Green Arrow comic panel
DC Comics

Fans’ ears probably perked up when Lois name-dropped “Queen Industries,” the company from DC Comics that’s run by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow from the Justice League. 

Does Green Arrow’s Arrival Tease Justice League Implications? 

Sure, Lois Lane mentioning a corporate fallout doesn’t necessarily mean the Justice League is going to appear in My Adventures with Superman. In order to show how important Vicki Vale is, the writers probably needed big, recognizable events in the DC world to help viewers understand just how influential Vale has been to the world of Superman

However, it's important to note that the scandal involving Oliver Queen and his inheritance has already happened in this new animated series. Fans of the hit CW show Arrow are familiar with the fallout of Oliver Queen and his parents, and how that led to Oliver’s origin as Green Arrow. 

If Green Arrow already exists in My Adventures with Superman, then other Justice League members like Batman and Wonder Woman may be there, too. The show may be focused on Superman, but fans could see the Kryptonian Kid join the League by the end of the series. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday night on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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