My Adventures With Superman Producer on Batman's Potential Season 2 Role

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My Adventures with Superman Superman and Batman

My Adventures With Superman producer Josephine Campbell addressed the chances of DC hero Batman swooping in during Season 2.

Season 1 of Jack Quaid's solo series centered on the Man of Steel's origin story alongside Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, keeping the plot narrowed in on one superhero rather than assembling a full team.

While teases and Easter Eggs were in place for other heroes like Green Lantern, many are curious to see whether or not the show follows up on those teases by introducing DC power players alongside Superman.

Batman's Possible Place in My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman producer Josephine Campbell joined the Superman Homepage YouTube channel, addressing Batman's potential appearance in the show's second season. 

Pointing to a moment when "Gotham Gazette" was referenced in the series, the outlet noted how much they hoped the show's upcoming second season would focus on Superman, which Campbell said would be the case:

"Now, as soon as the word or the title, 'Gotham Gazette,' got thrown up, fans online jump straight to, ‘Batman, Batman, Batman.’ As a Superman fan, I’ve got nothing against Batman, but as a Superman fan, please tell me we’re going to be concentrating on Superman in Season 2…"

Campbell: "Oh yeah."

At the end of the day for Campbell, this show is "about Superman...Lois, and Jimmy," as she noted "the focus is always going to be on them" rather than other heroes.

Although, she confirmed there would be "more mentions of Gotham" moving forward:

SH: "… Not going down that road of bringing in Batman and necessarily other characters along the line?"

Campbell: "I mean, this is a Superman show. We have brought in some other characters, like you said, Vicki’s from Gotham, there’s some mentions of Gotham. But, for us, the whole point of this is, it’s about Superman. It’s about Lois, and Jimmy, and the focus is always going to be on them. We love Superman so much. I’m excited to see [Batman:] Caped Crusader when that comes out. Definitely, there’s still going to be some more mentions of Gotham, so keep an eye out. But, at the end of the day, Superman is our hero. Superman and Clark are who we love the most. And it’s who we’ve spent a couple of years writing now, so it’s what we love."

This comes after noted Batman character Vicki Vale was introduced in Season 1 as a foil to Lois Lane, with Vicki writing an exposé on Superman for the Daily Planet.

Will Batman Show Up in My Adventures With Superman?

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that Batman will be a part of My Adventures With Superman in any way regardless of how many Gotham City nods are seen in future seasons.

But with another 10-episode run confirmed for the show, there will surely be no shortage of major characters from DC history taking the spotlight even if the Dark Knight isn't one of them for now.

Season 2 is set to feature two iconic DC villains, Brainiac and General Zod, with both of them being introduced in the closing moments of Season 1.

And with plenty of other major twists surrounding the leading characters that still need to be explored, there may not exactly be a necessity to formally introduce Batman as long as more Superman-centric plot points can be highlighted.

Season 1 of My Adventures With Superman is now streaming on Max. Season 2 of the series has been confirmed, although there is no official release timeframe yet.

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