MCU: 6 Upcoming Disney+ Specials Rumored to Be In Development

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Marvel Studios will reportedly showcase half a dozen new Special Presentations on Disney+, including projects for characters like Sentry and Silver Surfer

The MCU is piling up with new heroes and villains as it expands in the Multiverse Saga. One of the studio's ways to ensure that these characters are properly introduced is by showcasing them through Special Presentations on Disney+. 

The success of Werewolf By Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (the first two projects designated as Marvel Studios Special Presentations) proved that the formula works, leaving fans to wonder if there will be more such projects in the MCU.

6 Rumored MCU Disney+ Specials 

1. Sentry 

Sentry, John Walker, Zero

The Cosmic Circus claimed that a Special Presentation centered around Sentry is in the works from Marvel Studios. The outlet's sources also noted that the project is expected to film alongside Thunderbolts, the movie where the character is rumored to debut. 

The plot details of Sentry are still being kept under wraps, but it is rumored to "explore multiple sides" of the character.

Entertainment scooper Daniel Richtman first shared that Marvel Studios is developing a Sentry solo project, but it was unknown then that it would end up being a Marvel Studios Special Presentation. 

2. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

The Cosmic Circus also reported that a Silver Surfer-led Special Presentation is also in development from Marvel Studios, with the outlet claiming that it "must release" before 2025's Fantastic Four.

The rumored special will reportedly take a similar style to Werewolf By Night, featuring Norris Radd as a Herald of Galactus in the cosmos and not having the character interact with any established MCU cosmic heroes and villains.

3. Mephisto


Above The Line's Jeff Sneider recently claimed that a Special Presentation revolving around Mephisto is filming on the set of Agatha: Coven of Chaos with Sacha Baron Cohen set to star as the titular villain. 

Some have theorized that the Mephisto Special Presentation could be released this year, with it serving as Marvel's Halloween special the same way Werewolf By Night did in 2022. 

4. Man-Thing


After a breakthrough performance in Werewolf By Night, some rumors have claimed that Man-Thing could now be in line his own Special Presentation. 

In fact, the character has already been spotted alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes against a Multiversal Thanos in a new attraction as part of Avengers Campus, potentially hinting that Man-Thing has a bright future that could lead to a solo project down the line. 

5. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Similar to Man-Thing, some fans have claimed that Ghost Rider is the perfect candidate for a Marvel Studios Special Presentation. 

In 2021, entertainment scooper Charles Murphy shared that there are nine unannounced Disney+ shows at various stages of development, with projects based on Ghost Rider, Nova, and Secret Warriors possibly among them. 

It's possible that a Ghost Rider Special Presentation is potentially in the works already under the Marvel banner. 

6. Nova


Nova has long been rumored to make his MCU debut, but it is unknown on which platform he would appear first. 

Moreover, there are conflicting updates from insiders about Nova's impending debut, with The Cosmic Circus claiming that the character will first appear on Disney+ while Twitter scooper @MyTimeToShineHello pointed out that it is going to be a movie. 

Whether or not Nova would end up being a Special Presentation remains to be seen, especially now that the latest report about the character's debut mentioned that it is "on a slower path" which could indicate that it has been pushed back

While there are several notable candidates for Marvel Studios Special Presentations, the impending delays across Phase 5 projects could hint that it will take time for some of these projects to premiere on Disney+. 

Despite that, the success of the first two Special Presentations could serve as a glimmer of hope for Marvel Studios that the formula is worthwhile in terms of introducing important MCU characters in the future. 

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