Marvel Studios’ NOVA Gets Conflicting Updates From Insiders

By Russ Milheim Posted:
Nova, Avengers, Marvel Studios

The long-awaited Nova project received conflicting reports regarding what format the character’s introduction into the MCU will be in.

Recently, it was rumored that Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, both of whom have held the mantle of Nova in the comics, would be getting introduced into the MCU. One of the scribes of Moon Knight was even hired to write it.

At the time the writer was announced, the project was thought to be a TV show. However, with all the changes happening behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, that series was rumored to have become a Special Presentation instead.

Most recently, whispers started making their way around claiming the character would instead be receiving a full-fledged feature film.

Now, new reports hit the web, painting a conflicting picture of Nova’s future in the MCU.

The Conflicting Future of MCU’s Nova

Nova, Avengers, Marvel Studios

Lizzie Hill from The Cosmic Circus reported new details on the upcoming Nova project, which conflict with other recent reports from various sources.

Hill shared that she’s heard Nova is still going to Disney+,” though whether it’s a Special Presentation or TV series is up in the air:

“Hearing that yes, Nova is still going to Disney+ although it may not be set in stone as a special or series at the moment. @MyCosmicCircle previously reported it as a special by @AlexFromCC.”

In contrast to Hill's story, towards the end of last December, Twitter scooper @MyTimeToShineHello broke the news that Nova [was] gonna be a movie not a series or a special.”

Another scooper, @FilmOdysseyMCU, added to the conversation, noting that “For Nova, [they’ve] heard a special [rather] than a movie.”

Film Odyssey went on to clarify that they’ve “heard conflicting things about" the project which would explain the contradicting reports hitting the web:

“I’ve been told Silver Surfer is a special, just like originally reported. However, I’ve heard conflicting things about Nova (I’ll go into more detail soon).”

What‘s Up With Nova?

Given the conflicting information, perhaps all of the confusion stems from Marvel Studios considering two different projects for the characters— as suggested by Film Odyssey.

After all, there are two key characters who hold the title of Nova in the comics. Perhaps one will first be introduced in a Special Presentation, with the other joining the fun for a subsequent series or movie?

Each hero has their own areas of specialty after all. Richard Rider tends to be involved with the bigger cosmic events, while Sam Alexander is more Earth-bound, and would be a good choice for the MCU’s Young Avengers or Champions.

A previous rumor shared that both iterations of Nova would be active in the MCU at the same time. Perhaps Marvel Studios thinks it best to give both their own focus.

Though, when it comes to which format is better in the end, it’s hard to look past the budget factor. With all the cosmic affairs relating to both Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, it seems obvious that the higher budget, the better.

Many fans have been holding their breath for a long while, patiently waiting for Nova to enter the spotlight in the MCU. Hopefully, the wait won’t be much longer.

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