MCU Secret Invasion Disney+ Show Gets Disappointing Release Update

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Nick Fury, Skrulls

Following a couple of mega-crossover events on the big screen, Marvel Studios is set to take that same energy to Disney+ with the upcoming Secret Invasion series. Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos will take on a swarm of Skrulls that have invaded Earth, likely leading to some epic battles and mysteries to be solved.

Fans have recently grown concerned about what's coming in Secret Invasion, largely because of the rumors indicating that the series is set for an almost unprecedented four months of reshoots. With the potential that this show ties in with the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home along with both Captain Marvel movies, Jackson and Mendelsohn's new Disney+ entry could have major ramifications across the entire MCU.

Even with the mystery surrounding what the plot will include, one of the biggest questions about Secret Invasion has been when exactly it will hit Disney+. Now, ahead of a hopeful appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, there may be a more solid idea about when to expect this series to join the MCU's streaming home.

When Will Secret Invasion Release on Disney+?

Secret Invasion, Nick Fury

TV Line reported that Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion is set for release on Disney+ in 2023, a disappointing update considering signs from early this year pointing to the series premiering in 2022.

This will be one of five new entries from the MCU on Disney+ next year, including Season 2 of Loki, Agatha: House of Harkness, and two new series in Ironheart and Echo.

Marvel Studios Close To Delivering Secret Invasion

Filming began for Secret Invasion in September of last year and lasted until early 2022.

Confirmation that Secret Invasion will arrive in 2023 is certainly exciting, although the mystery now turns to when exactly it will begin streaming on Disney+.

The most likely bet is sometime before The Marvels comes to the big screen in July, particularly if Nick Fury and Talos' story continues directly from Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home into Carol Danvers' next solo movie. Fury is already confirmed to be part of the cast in The Marvels, and his time in Secret Invasion should help set him up seamlessly for a reunion with Brie Larson's cosmic Avenger.

This could also connect with Larson's recent cameo in Ms. Marvel's post-credits scene from Episode 6, which saw her unexpectedly transported into Kamala Khan's bedroom. No matter how these unique stories all work alongside one another, however, Secret Invasion will be one that changes the MCU's status quo in some form or another.

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