Disney+ Releases Poster for MCU Phase 5's First Show

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The MCU's debut Phase 5 streaming series, Secret Invasion, just had its first official poster released to the public.

Secret Invasion marks the Marvel Studio’s long-awaited return to Disney+ behind Samuel L. Jackson’s veteran hero, Nick Fury, in his first live-action MCU story since the end of the Infinity Saga.

With the series reported to debut sometime this summer, fans recently got a new in-depth look into the series, including new information about Emilia Clarke’s hero and how the show’s villains will operate.

And considering how sporadic Secret Invasion’s marketing campaign has been, along with its release being continually in flux, anticipation is building to see what’s in store for this new adventure.

Disney+ Reveals Secret Invasion Poster

Marvel Studios' Twitter account shared the first official poster for the franchise's first Disney+ show of Phase 5, Secret Invasion.

The poster shows off Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in a black-and-white image with cuts in the picture revealing a Skrull's face behind him, teasing the MCU's take on the Skrull invasion.

Nick Fury, Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Along with the phrase "Who do you trust?" at the top of the image, the poster also shares that a new trailer is premiering tonight, April 2, while confirming that the series will debut on Disney+ on June 21.

Marvel Ramping Up Secret Invasion Promotion

This poster finally sets some previously unconfirmed information about Secret Invasion in stone, locking in when the show will debut while also teasing the second full trailer. 

This will be the first full public look at this new Disney+ series since the first footage arrived during the 2022 D23 Fan Expo.

After Jackson confirmed that Emilia Clarke will be playing the returning Skrull hero G'iah, many will likely look for Marvel to share new footage of her character after only seeing her in human form during the initial trailer.

And after fans saw some thrilling new powers from Kingsley Ben-Adir's new Skrull villain, it only brings up more questions about what else will be shown in this new look at the Disney+ show.

The trailer should dive deeper into the Skrulls' mission, especially with members of this species on both sides of the invasion.

Secret Invasion is now confirmed to debut on Disney+ on June 21.

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