MCU Merch Teases Skrull God In Disney+ Secret Invasion Show

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Secret Invasion Skrull God MCU

While the MCU's calendar is slowly becoming clearer for 2022, Marvel Studios is hard at work on what is coming further down the line in the franchise. One of these titles is next year's Secret Invasion. The Samuel L. Jackson-starring Disney+ series is currently filming, as mysterious plot details on the Skrull-focused story begin to make themselves known. 

Not much by way of official information on the project has been released, but fans have gotten at least a general idea as to what the streaming series will be about. Secret Invasion looks to be a take on the Marvel Comic story of the same name.

On the page, the Secret Invasion storyline centers on a long-term invasion of Earth by the shape-shifting alien race the Skrulls. Once it is revealed that these invaders have taken the form of some of the Marvel Universe's biggest superheroes, chaos ensues. 

In the comics, the Skrulls are tasked to occupy Earth by way of a prophecy coming from a deity they honor. It is unknown if this Srkull god will make itself known in the upcoming Disney+ series, but a new piece of merch may have hinted at their inclusion. 

A Skrull God in Secret Invasion

As first noted by Murphy's Multiverse, a new piece of crew merch for Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion may have leaked the inclusion of the Skrull God Kly’bn in the upcoming series. 

MCU Secret Invasion Skrull Hat
Murphy's Multiverse

The leaked hat features an eyepatch-wearing owl with a clock emblazoned across the front, with some alien script along the back. 

MCU Secret Invasion Skrull Hat Close Up
Murphy's Multiverse

Using a cipher from back when the original Secret Invasion comic storyline came out, the Skrull text is revealed to say "He loves you."

MCU Skrull Language Translation
Murphy's Multiverse

This "He loves you" phrase is a saying the Skrulls mutter often when talking about the Skrull god, with the "He" directly referring to Kly'bn. One moment from a tie-in issue to the original Secret Invasion comics even had Kly'bn uttering the phrase himself.

Marvel Comic Skrull God
Marvel Comics


One Less Secret for Secret Invasion

Well, it looks as though Kly'bn will be making his MCU debut in Secret Invasion. This alien script could simply be a deep-cut reference for the crew to giggle at, but it feels like the character will be the next to make the jump from the comic page to the TV screen. 

If, in fact, he does show up in the series it could make for some potentially interesting MCU crossovers. In the comics Kly'bn is actually an Eternal, meaning that if he were to interact somehow with the MCU's newest intergalactic team in the Eternals, it would not be all that surprising. 

Plus, it feels like a character like this will be needed for the Disney+ series. Back when Skrulls really made their presence known in Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios got creative making the race a mostly peaceful bunch. This greatly differs from the antagonistic nature of the species in the Marvel Comics universe. 

So, if Kly'bn were to act as the main antagonist here and perhaps lead a group of extremist evil Skrulls, it would allow for the Secret Invasion storyline to proceed rather unimpeded without bending the rules of the universe that has already been built. 

Secret Invasion is currently in production with an expected release sometime in early 2023. 

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