Mayor of Kingstown Season 3: Potential Release, Cast and Everything We Know

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Jeremy Renner Mayor of Kingstown

Although Season 3 has yet to arrive, the hype for Mayor of Kingstown is still high. 

Created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon, the hit American drama features Jeremy Renner as the titular mayor who is trying to keep the peace in Kingstown while acting as the moderator between street gangs, prisoners, guards, and the cops. 

Mayor of Kingstown premiered on Paramount+ on November 14, 2021. The series was later renewed for Season 2 and then premiered on January 15, 2023. 

Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Release: When Will It Come Out?

Mayor of Kingstown Jeremy Renner

Paramount+ has yet to renew Mayor of Kingstown for Season 3, meaning that it has no release date yet. 

Given that Season 2 concluded in March 2023, it's possible that Paramount+ and the show's creators are still discussing a potential narrative direction for Season 3. 

In January 2023, showrunner Hugh Dillon told Deadline about potential Season 3 plans for the hit series, noting that he and Taylor Sheridan have "multiple ideas for multiple seasons" while also hinting that they could start "pre-production in the summer:"

"Taylor and I have multiple ideas for multiple seasons. If everything went according to plan with Paramount+ and the rest of it, I would think that we’d start in August, September, maybe pre-production in the summer."

If Season 3 is announced this year, then it wouldn't premiere until 2025 at the earliest considering the ongoing writers' strike that has halted movie & television development across Hollywood.

Will Jeremy Renner Return in Mayor of Kingstown Season 3?

Jeremy Renner, Mayor of Kingstown, Paramound+

In January 2023, Mayor of Kingstown lead star Jeremy Renner was involved in a snow plowing accident near his home when a plowing machine flipped on top of him, severely injuring his leg before he was airlifted to hospital for surgery.

Since then, Renner has been steadily recovering. The actor's current situation has led many to speculate if he will return to the MCU and other projects, such as Mayor of Kingstown

In June 2023, the actor said he'd be there "in a heartbeat" if Marvel called him for a possible Hawkeye comeback. 

As for a potential Mayor of Kingstown return, Renner teased in a tweet that a third season may be on the horizon, sharing a post with the caption, "Might be time to start mental preparation for 3?:"

There's a chance that Paramount+ and the showrunners could still be discussing with Renner the next steps to return, and this could be the reason why Season 3 has yet to be announced. 

The expectation is that Renner would return in Mayor of Kingstown Season 3. 

Who’s Cast in Mayor of Kingstown Season 3?

Kyle Chandler, Jeremy Renner, Mayor of Kingstown

If Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 will be announced soon, it is expected that the majority of the cast will return.

Here is a list of which cast members will likely return in Season 3. 

  • Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky
  • Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky
  • Dianne Wiest as Mariam McLusky
  • Taylor Handley as Kyle McLusky
  • Hugh Dillon as Ian Ferguson
  • Tobi Bamtefa as Deverin “Bunny” Washington
  • Nishi Munshi as Tracy McLusky
  • Lane Garrison as Carney
  • Necar Zadegan as Evelyn Foley
  • Hamish Allan-Headley as Robert Sawyer
  • Derek Webster as Stevie
  • Emma Laird as Iris
  • Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter
  • Pha’rez Lass as P-Dog 

What Will Happen in Mayor of Kingstown Season 3?

Tobi Bamtefa, Jeremy Renner, Mayor of Kingstown

Given that Season 3 has yet to be given the green light, the exact plot details of Mayor of Kingstown are still being kept under wraps. 

In an interview with Comicbook in January 2023, Mayor of Kingstown showrunner Hugh Dillon teased a big future for the mayor ahead of Season 3: 

“Taylor and I, like I said, it took 10 years to build. So we were two guys who were like, ‘Then what happens?’ And so as he’s helping me audition and he’s doing his thing, we are constantly building this. So by the time it hit, we had 10 years to construct it. So yeah, we’ve got a big future planned for Mayor.”

Season 2 concluded with Kingstown in utter chaos, with the finale featuring a prison riot. Season 3 could explore the ramifications of this game-changing storyline, such as Mike and Bunny's impending conflict and the fates of Robert and Miriam. 

How Can I Watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 3?

Jeremy Renner, Mayor of Kingstown, Paramound+

Similar to previous seasons, fans can eventually watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 on Paramount+. 

The streaming service is home to many notable projects, such as Halo, Star Trek: Discovery, iCarly, and The Good Fight

The first two seasons of Mayor of Kingstown are available on Paramount+.

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