Jeremy Renner Gives Blunt Response About Marvel Future After Injury & Hospitalization

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Jeremy Renner Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner has shared his hopes for his future in the MCU following his injury and hospitalization earlier this year.

On New Year's Day 2023, the Hawkeye star sustained serious injuries in an incident with his snow plow and was airlifted to a hospital. Renner underwent emergency surgery, with doctors claiming it was a "miracle he's alive".

The actor was quick to update fans on his status following the injury and received an outpouring of support from many of his Marvel co-stars

Since then, Renner has been focused on his recovery and has seen remarkable progress that fans have seen through posts on his social media accounts.

Jeremy Renner Talks His Post-Injury Marvel Future

Jeremy Renner, Marvel Studios

Jeremy Renner appeared as a guest at the Phoenix Fan Fusion convention in Arizona on Friday, June 2, and spoke about his future career post his operation. 

As per @LegionofSand on Twitter, the actor said he'd be there "in a heartbeat" if Marvel called him:

"If Marvel wants me back, I’ll do it in a heartbeat."

According to @ParksAndCons, Renner prefaced this by saying he "isn't going anywhere" and plans to continue acting, depending on what his family allows.

Where Could Jeremy Renner Return in The MCU?

The world was shocked after Renner's accident, but now that the actor appears to be well on the road to recovery, the question remains when and where could he appear in the MCU next.

While Clint Barton has metaphorically passed the bow to his protégé, Kate Bishop, in Hawkeye, fans have long been calling for a Season 2 of the Disney+ series. 

The ending of Hawkeye was certainly open-ended enough to allow for more episodes, however, no word has been given on whether another season is in the works. To date the only MCU Disney+ series to go beyond one season are Loki and What If...?. 

Should a second season of Hawkeye happen, that seems like the most likely place for Renner to return in the MCU. Although, as one of the surviving original team members, it remains possible he could receive the call for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty as well.

Hawkeye is streaming now on Disney+.

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