Jeremy Renner Shares Photo in Hospital Following Injury

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Jeremy Renner Hospital Injury photo

MCU mainstay Jeremy Renner reached out to fans on social media for the first time since his devastating injuries that sent the actor to hospital.

Renner made unfortunate headlines early in the New Year, as it was reported the actor was in a Nevada hospital after a devastating snow plowing accident that saw a Snowcat roll over the Marvel star's leg. 

More details of the accident emerged since that initial report, noting that the 51-year-old was helping to clear a stuck car "stranded in the snow" near his home when the event occurred.  

Now, Renner is well enough to update the world (albeit briefly).

Jeremy Renner Thanks Fans For Support

After sustaining serious injuries and being airlifted to the hospital because of a snow plowing accident on New Year's Day, Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner posted online thanking fans for the support he has received in the past few days. 

Renner took to Instagram, sharing a photo from his hospital bed with the caption "[sending] love" to those who have wished him well:

"Thank you all for your kind words. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all."

The actor received emergency surgery on Monday, January 2, after a Snowcat snow plow rolled over on his leg. This is just the beginning of what is being called a "very long road to recovery" for the Avengers star.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Department detailed the accident at a press conference Tuesday, revealing Renner was helping to clear out a personal vehicle "which had become stuck in the snow near his home:"

"Based on our investigation, Mr. Renner's personal vehicle, which was being driven by a family member, which had become stuck in the snow near his home. Mr. Renner went to retrieve his PistenBully - or Snowcat - an extremely large piece of snow removal equipment, weighing at least 14,330 pounds, in an effort to get his vehicle moving."

 "After successfully towing his personal vehicle" from the snow with the help of his PistenBully Snowcat, the nearly 14,000-pound plow rolled over Renner:

After successfully towing his personal vehicle from its stuck location, Mr. Renner got out of his PistenBully to speak to his family member. At this point, it is observed that the PistenBully started to roll. In an effort to stop the rolling PistenBully, Mr. Renner attempts to get back into the driver's seat of the PistenBully. Based on our investigation, it's at this point that Mr. Renner is run over by the PistenBully."

The Sheriff's Department dubbed the event "a tragic accident" and confrmed that they they "do not suspect any foul play" at this point:

"This investigation is ongoing; however, we do not suspect any foul play. I want to repeat that, we do not suspect any foul play. We believe this was a tragic accident."

The Direct continues to send our best wishes to Jeremy Renner during his recovery process.

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