Taron Egerton Says He's Ready for Marvel Role Amid Wolverine Rumors

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The Multiverse is in full effect with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set to hit theaters on May 6. With it comes the possibility of other franchises making their MCU debuts, with one of the more likely being the X-Men. Following Marvel Studios' acquisition of the 20th Century Fox brand, it was heavily anticipated that one of the biggest superhero teams of all time would be coming into the interconnected universe sooner rather than later.

In the official trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, an off-screen voice that seemed to be Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier had a line of dialogue. This all but confirmed that the X-Men were quickly on their way, and it is impossible to talk about the group without mentioning one of the most popular superheroes ever - Wolverine.

When it comes to Wolverine, the first person that comes to mind is Hugh Jackman. He portrayed the Adamantium-filled beast in eight X-Men films and saw his story come to a close in 2017's Logan

It is not impossible for Jackman to make another appearance as Wolverine, but with the actor in his early 50s, many fans believe it's time for another person to fill the shoes of the character. One such actor that has appeared in tons of fan castings for the role is Kingsman's Taron Egerton. He has previously addressed the rumors of playing James Logan in the past and now has been asked about the topic again.

Taron Egerton's Marvel Ambition

Taron Egerton, Wolverine

In an interview with Alex Jones on The One Show, Digital Spy shared actor Taron Egerton's comments about joining the MCU, specifically as Wolverine.

The actor was asked about the rumors that he would play the role of Wolverine, which he claimed would be "really exciting," but ultimately stated that "there's no truth in it at all:"

"There’s no truth in it at all. There’s no truth in it. It would be, obviously, really exciting, but I don’t know."

He was then asked if joining the MCU, in general, would be something he would be interested in. He compared the franchise to the James Bond film saga and said that "it would be exciting:"

“Yeah, of course. That’s like playing Bond. It would be exciting to play a role where you play to by such a huge audience. Those movies are the most watched movies in the world. It’s a great thrill and it’s a great part. But there’s no truth in it. Very flattering, though.”

The Next Wolverine for Marvel

With rumors that dozens of past Marvel actors will have cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is not out of the question that Hugh Jackman will make one more appearance as Wolverine. However, previous rumors have suggested that Wolverine will be in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, but that Jackman won't be the one in the suit.

Jackman and Patrick Stewart are synonymous when it comes to their superhero roles - it's hard to have one without the other. However, both actors have previously talked about their performances in Logan, and they've agreed that it was a perfect sendoff for their stories.

In the future, when the X-Men are cemented into the MCU, fans can expect new actors to take up the mantle. James McAvoy is the actor who portrayed a younger Charles Xavier in the more recent X-Men movies, but if Marvel Studios is looking for someone older, they will have to find a new actor.

In terms of Wolverine, Egerton could very well be telling the truth. Despite the rumors and fan castings, there is a good possibility that he hasn't been contacted for the role. However, he could be taking the Andrew Garfield approach to throw fans off the trail as to who could be the next Logan.

The actor is definitely interested in being in the MCU though, and due to his acting resume, it wouldn't be a surprise if he got a call from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, asking if he would like to be in the franchise.

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