Former X-Men Star Reacts to Patrick Stewart's Doctor Strange 2 Role

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As excitement for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reaches new heights, fan speculation about potential returning actors/characters grows along with it. A recent Super Bowl trailer highlighted even more of the world of the supernatural sequel, providing audiences with a look at several locations and characters. While the trailer sparked a variety of theories, it also provided a few more concrete teases.

Chief among these is likely the sound of an all too familiar voice. Fans were quick to note that the dulcet tones of a certain mystery speaker clearly belonged to Patrick Stewart, an actor best known in this light for his portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier in the Fox X-Men films. Even as Stewart himself played coy as to his appearance in the trailer, the voice is undoubtedly his.

Doctor Strange, Patrick Stewart

Ties to other elements of the X-Men films have also been rumored for the Doctor Strange sequel. This most recent trailer showed a brief glimpse at what appears to be the Savage Land, a key location for the X-Men - more specifically Magneto, in the comics. Additionally, rumors have been swirling about a new version of Wolverine appearing in the film, played by someone other than fan-favorite Hugh Jackman.

As it looks like the various Marvel universes of the past are set to combine in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, much like they did with the franchise-spanning Spider-Man: No Way Home, many fans are left wondering who else they can expect to turn up. They aren't alone, however, as even some actors from past Marvel franchises are curious about possibly returning in the future...

Nightcrawler Actor Talks Multiverse of Madness

Nightcrawler, X-Men

Speaking with Variety about his recent Oscar nomination, actor Kodi Smit-McPhee responded to questions about the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. 

The actor, probably best known to Marvel fans for his work as Nightcrawler in the most recent slew of X-Men films, shared his own excitement over Patrick Stewart's appearance in the last trailer, commenting that he was "equally as excited as everyone else, y’know Patrick Stewart’s voice, that’s insane."

"I can honestly, transparently tell you, I have nothing to do with the universe of madness that’s coming out…Y’know and that trailer, I was equally as excited as everyone else, y’know Patrick Stewart’s voice, that’s insane. Y’know, I’m hoping that the, kind of, the people that show up in that are just as exciting as No Way Home, ’cause I’ve never heard anyone scream, y’know, audiences scream as loud as they did in that. I went to see it at a drive-in, I went to see it at cinemas, everyone was freaking out, and I was freaking out with them so…I would love that personally, like if I could just say that transparently on the side, I would absolutely love that."

Smit-McPhee also answered a question about his own involvement with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, noting that "I just believe in MCU so much and I hope to be a part of that family one day."

I just really am a believer in MCU and I’ve made it a thing to kind of hold off and…going into any other production companies doing superhero stuff because I just believe in MCU so much and I hope to be a part of that family one day. Y’know, we all know that they own the rights to Nightcrawler and stuff now so…hint, hint, nudge, nudge."

Will We See More of Fox’s X-Men in the Future?

While fans are more than used to seeing through actors denying their roles in MCU films, Smit-McPhee's response seems more believable than those of Charlie Cox or Andrew Garfield. His denial is straightforward and his excitement over the prospect of returning someday seems truly genuine.

Even so, that doesn't mean there's no chance of Smit-McPhee's Nightcrawler bamfing in for a brief moment. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems like it will be giving the Fox X-Men franchise its due, so a minor cameo featuring a few of the past X-Men isn't entirely implausible, especially as Smit-McPhee seems to eager to return.

However, there are a number of factors that limit the viability of such a return. For one thing, unlike characters like Wolverine and Professor X, rumors haven't pointed towards Nightcrawler or, for that matter, his fellow X-Men, appearing in the film. While this doesn't make it impossible, it isn't a great sign for fans of the character.

Additionally, as Marvel is probably trying to get things set for a new team of X-Men to take the spotlight, it doesn't make a great deal of sense to spend so much time on minor characters from X-Men franchises past. Sure, getting one last appearance for Stewart's Professor X makes sense, as the actor's work in the role is beloved, but Nightcrawler and his team of mutants don't hold nearly the same cachet with fans.

Even as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness looks to provide fans with a whole host of exciting characters, Smit-McPhee's Nightcrawler and his band of merry mutant friends seem low on the list of potential cameos. With the film pulling from beloved franchises from the past, the most recent X-Men films seem slightly less likely, especially as a new team of mutant heroes is on the horizon. However, to truly find out, fans will have to catch the film when it releases in theaters on May 4.

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