Disney Reveals New Doctor Strange 2 Theater Standee (Photo)

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Just over two months remain until Marvel Studios is back in the theatrical blockbuster game with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the second MCU project of 2022. The movie's promotional tour is fully chugging along as Disney and Marvel prepare for what could be the biggest film of the year - one which fully realizes the MCU Multiverse.

Hype is still buzzing after Doctor Strange 2's Super Bowl LVI trailer, which has enough internet-breaking material to keep fans talking for the foreseeable future.

Also making headlines is the Super Bowl spot from that same weekend, which officially released online nearly two weeks later after playing for millions of fans during the Big Game. Featuring new footage of Wanda and possibly her Variants, along with a tease for what could be a new Iron Man, this new imagery only adds to the excitement building for its release.

Now that the movie's debut is getting closer, movie theaters and the media are ramping up the marketing campaign to keep the sequel at the forefront of the fandom. Recently, a new piece of promotional material made its way into the public eye that teases just how wild this movie will be when it debuts.

Doctor Stange 2 Theater Standee Premieres

Disney's President of Marketing Asad Ayaz took to Twitter to share an image of a new theatrical standee for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Centered around Benedict Cumberbatch's titular hero, this standee takes inspiration from the movie's official poster that was released during the Super Bowl. Strange's Variants, Wanda Maximoff and her Variants, America Chavez, and more all appear in the broken pieces of material on the edges as well.

Ayaz also included the following caption, teasing how long fans have to wait until the movie premieres:

"Check out our awesome new standee for Doctor Strange. 70 days to go!"

Doctor Strange 2 Theater Standee
@asadayaz on Twitter


Theaters Embracing the Multiversal Madness

Although this standee doesn't reveal anything particularly new, fans will enjoy having the chance to check out all of the incredible details in the imagery that's promoting this Avengers-level solo movie.

The biggest difference with this standee from the poster is that it largely uses characters that have been seen in the trailers already released. There are no signs of the Captain Carter shield or any hint of Professor X's likely inclusion in the plot, likely meaning Marvel is trying to keep spoilers as minimal as possible going forward.

This sequel will feature everything from live-action Multiversal zombies to multiple versions of heroes and villains fans have grown to love over most of the past decade. Combine that with direct ties to WandaVision from Disney+ and Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it will be an event unlike almost any that Marvel Studios has ever delivered.

It shouldn't be long before these standees start appearing in theaters as fans continue to build hype for this one-of-a-kind magical adventure.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will debut in theaters on May 6, 2022.

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