Marvel Studios Will Reportedly Introduce Ms. Marvel in Another MCU Project Before Her Own Show

By Richard Nebens Posted:
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While Marvel Studios is ramping back up to restart shooting and post productions for a handful of projects set to release soon, there are even more confirmed movies and Disney+ shows further down the pipeline that are set to introduce dozens of new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is particularly true with the new era of storytelling on Disney+, where Marvel already has solo series planned for at least three new heroes.

Fans won't see the first of these brand new series until 2022 at the earliest, but that doesn't mean new characters won't be popping up before then . News has just broken confirming this theory for one of the most highly anticipated new characters the MCU will offer.


Insider Charles Murphy revealed on Murphy's Multiverse that Marvel Studios is planning on finalizing casting for Kamala Khan, the lead character of the Disney+ mini-series Ms. Marvel , sooner rather than later. Although her own solo series won't begin filming until November 2020, there is growing belief that Kamala will appear in another MCU project before her own solo series premieres .


Although there is still no confirmation as to where Kamala Khan will make her ultimate debut, this is an exciting prospect that fans will likely see her earlier than expected. She has made quite the splash in the comics as one of the newer and younger superheroes to grace the Marvel pages, and she has already made quite the pool of connections with other notable MCU characters.

Kamala, in the comics, has had notable runs with Spider-Man, another hero right in her age range, so it wouldn't be too far of a reach to see her stretching to great lengths to back up Peter Parker in the third untitled Spider-Man movie set to premiere November 2021. There is also the Captain Marvel sequel set for release in July 2022, but that one seems to be after her own series premieres, even with the fit being so smooth between her and Carol Danvers.

On the Disney+ side, possible landing spots for Ms. Marvel's MCU introduction could include any of Loki , Hawkeye , or She-Hulk , but almost no concrete plot details are known for any of these projects. Fans will undoubtedly have their ears wide open for any hints of where this debut will come, especially considering how close Marvel Studios reportedly is to finally announcing an actor to fill the role.

Ms. Marvel is set to have cameras rolling for production between November 2020 and March 2021 .

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