Marvel Studios Casts Krypton Star In Blade Reboot

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While it was confirmed to be in development nearly three years ago, there is still plenty of mystery surrounding Mahershala Ali's Blade reboot in the MCU. Ali came on stage with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige donning a Blade cap as the curtain call at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but there are plenty of details to work out before Eric Brooks comes into his first MCU production.

The character recently made his MCU debut during a post-credits scene in Eternals, teasing his relationship with Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman and the Ebony Blade. While that quick scene gave fans a tease for how Ali will sound in his new scary role, Marvel Studios is working hard to bring the right personnel around him for his solo movie.

Directed by Bassam Tariq, the movie's cast around Ali is starting to come together, which includes major stars like Delroy Lindo. Now, Lindo and Ali have another addition to the roster - one who may be in for a major role in Marvel Studios' growing supernatural story.

Blade Gains New Cast Member

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Deadline revealed that Aaron Pierre is set to join Mahershala Ali's Blade for Marvel Studios, which is currently in pre-production. No details were revealed about Pierre's role in the film, but Deadline senior film reporter Justin Kroll reported that it will be "a major role" in the upcoming MCU solo movie.

The role is said to be one of the most highly coveted in Hollywood after director Bassam Tariq joined the team in 2021. Pierre was reportedly the actor that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Tariq were eyeing for the role, but the studio took their time and met dozens of other actors with Pierre turning into the favorite recently.

Blade Cast Growing Before Marvel Studios Starts Shooting

With less than a handful of actors attached to or rumored for roles in the upcoming Blade movie, this casting adds yet another level of intrigue for what's coming in the MCU's first vampiric outing.

Still in the early stages of his career at the current age of 27, Pierre recently made his mark on the David S. Goyer-developed Krypton series on the SyFy network for two seasons. Being a part of this show's main cast set Pierre up for a potential extended run of success in superhero projects, and now, he moves to the biggest cinematic universe in the business with Marvel Studios.

The big question now is what major role will Pierre take on in the upcoming Blade reboot?

There were no signs pointing to whether he'll play a hero or a villain alongside Mahershala Ali, but this news seems to indicate that Pierre could be around for a long time. Whether he continues in future Blade movies or moves to other projects is a mystery, but it appears that Marvel now has the services of an actor that will be a key player in the future.

Blade is now in the early stages of development for Marvel Studios.

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