Marvel Studios' Blade Reboot Adds DP Ahead of Filming

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Blade Marvel MCU filming

Amongst other thrilling MCU reboots like the one for the X-Men and the upcoming Fantastic Four film, Marvel Studios also has big plans for Blade, who will get his first solo movie in two decades. After Wesley Snipes led the way in the original trilogy, one that redefined the modern superhero movie, Mahershala Ali will take over the role for the MCU in his own solo film, which was announced almost three years ago at San Diego Comic-Con.

Even with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige having announced this movie so long ago, Blade remains shrouded in mystery as the studio works to bring Eric Brooks back into the Marvel spotlight again. At the moment, it doesn't even have an official release date, having originally been set to debut this October before the pandemic massively changed the studio's plans.

Only a couple of cast members are in place alongside Ali, although the behind-the-scenes team is coming together nicely with Bassam Tariq as the director and Stacy Osei-Kuffour as the head writer. Now, with the timing of the production start date still up in the air, another big name has joined Tariq and Osei-Kuffour in Blade's efforts to return to the big screen.

Blade Brings Narcos DP Onto Staff

Blade, Mahershala

Next Best Pictures' Will Mavity shared that Marvel Studios hired Damian Garcia to be the cinematographer on the upcoming Blade reboot featuring Mahershala Ali. This will be Garcia's first time as the director of photography on an MCU project.

Garcia is quickly rising up the ranks of cinematographers in Hollywood, most recently having worked on nine episodes of Narcos: Mexico over the past three years, having worked with MCU stars Michael Pena and Tenoch Huerta. Now, he has the opportunity to take his talents into the MCU as the franchise's first true vampire makes his debut appearance in a world with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Blade is currently set to begin shooting in late Summer 2022, although it doesn't have a release timeframe yet.

Blade Making Progress

Garcia's past work should lend nicely to the expected darker tone that Blade will use, considering that the lead character will likely fight off the underworld's most dangerous antagonists. As it's still unclear which characters Marvel will bring into the Blade reboot, there's no way to tell what will come from the story, but Garcia should be ready for whatever challenges are thrown his direction.

This exciting update fills in Blade's roster more fully as fans wait for more official information regarding the movie's production schedule and its eventual release date later in Phase 4, possibly in Phase 5. While fans got their first taste of Blade in Eternals and may get a little more in the upcoming MCU Halloween Special, his own solo movie will be a game-changer for the franchise's supernatural expansion.

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