Marvel's Loki: Promo Images of Owen Wilson's Mobius & Cartoon Mascot Released

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Loki and Mobius

Loki has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated projects on Marvel's list of future Disney+ endeavors. After all, Tom Hiddleston's god of mischief has been a fan-favorite in the MCU's arsenal of villains for years now. 

While the character was killed in Avengers: Infinity War, alterations to the timeline in Endgame allowed Loki to escape capture using the Tesseract, which sent him on an unforeseen journey through time and space.

Loki will now return in his own Disney+ series under the clutches of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) who will seemingly recruit the Asgardian for a series of missions across time.

Since the series' initial announcement, it has only seen one trailer. However, with the release set for this June, further looks at Loki are sure to be right around the corner. It's become fairly common practice for Marvel to inadvertently reveal new promotional art through merchandise listings, something they have just done once again with Loki...


Listings on Zazzle for an assortment of Loki merchandise have revealed new promotional art from the upcoming Disney+ series.

The art provides a closer look at Loki himself in his TVA uniform, ready for whatever missions the time-traveling agency may send him on.

Loki TVA Uniform

Additionally, similar artwork showcases Owen Wilson's character in the series, Mobius M. Mobius. Wilson will play an integral role in the series as a high-level member of the TVA who will follow Loki through his many quests. 

Loki Owen Wilson

The two will clearly be working closely together in Loki as Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson are shown side-by-side with a caption saying “Clock's Ticking.” The caption seems to indicate there will be some time pressure on the TVA's latest mission whilst also making a pun on the time-traveling nature of the series.

Loki Clock's Ticking

A more cryptic piece of art shows Loki in his new TVA uniform in front of the shadow of his past self as the villainous Asgardian prince and villain of The Avengers. The text on the image reads “The Timeline Wants to Break Free,” something that could actually even follow on from the disastrous consequences of Wanda's actions in Westview on WandaVision as she plays with reality itself.

Loki TImeline

The last piece of art is potentially the most intriguing as it showcases a vintage design for the character of "Miss Minutes" with the caption “For all time, always.” 

Loki Miss Minutes TVA

It's hard to tell exactly what Miss Minutes could be referring to as this doesn't appear to reference any Marvel Comics characters. However, some have speculated Miss Minutes could serve as a mascot figure for the TVA.

Nevertheless, a key implication of the vintage nature of the image is the suggestion the TVA is a reasonably old organization with the 20th-century style suggesting that is when the organization originated.


It's unclear exactly what the TVA will be up to in the upcoming Disney+ series or why they would need Loki. As this version of the God of Mischief was pulled from before his redemption, the iteration of him seen in the series will be at his peak villainy after attacking New York under the instructions of Thanos.

The promotional art shown confirms Loki will have a close partnership with Owen Wilson's Mobius throughout the show, which is supposedly aiming to run for multiple seasons. This will surely be an intriguing dynamic, so finding promotional material implying a team-up of the two characters should be very exciting to fans. 

Loki will premier its first episode exclusively on Disney+ on June 11.

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