Loki Disney+: Photos Tease New Scenes With Tom Hiddleston & Owen Wilson

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After dying at the hands of Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War, Loki is set to make a triumphant return to the small screen side of the MCU through his own titular series. 

Loki will follow an alternate version of Marvel's trickster that was introduced during the Time Heist of 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Directed by Kate Herron, the series is expected to do a deep dive into alternate timelines due to the large presence of the Time Variance Authority. 

The organization is best known as the timekeepers of Marvel Comics. In the MCU, they will play the same role to protect the sacred timeline. The team will recruit Loki for the ultimate mission: fixing his mistake by escaping with the Tesseract from the Battle of New York back in 2012. 

Marketing for Loki suggests that there will be different variants of the God of Mischief running around, and it's the job of the Endgame variant to stop their mayhem. This means that the six-episode run will include several missions, and a special look at one of them has been revealed. 


Total Film, via Gamesradar, revealed a new batch of stills from Loki, showcasing a fresh look at the dynamic of Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief and Owen Wilson's charismatic TVA agent Mobius. 

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius
Total Film

Loki and Mobius can be seen seemingly arguing during one of the timeline-saving missions of the TVA in this new still from the Disney+ series.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Judge Renslayer
Total Film

The role of Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Judge Renslayer remains a mystery in Loki, but this new image cements the idea that she is poised to defend the TVA from any threats.

Director Kate Herron, Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson
Total Film

Loki director Kate Herron gives instructions to Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson before a scene for the Disney+ series. 


These new images should further provide hints about the mysterious missions of Loki and the TVA, and it seems to establish the fact that the titular anti-hero and Mobius will be partners during the whole ordeal. This creates an opportunity for the show to explore Loki's character arc uniquely considering that the Infinity Saga mainly focused on his brotherly dynamic with Chris Hemsworth's Thor. 

This time around, the partnership between Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius is expected to be one of the central story beats of the upcoming Disney+ series.

Trailers and promo spots of Loki teased that Mobius is responsible for the recruitment of the God of Mischief into the Time Variance Authority, but his motivation is still shrouded in mystery. 

It's possible that Mobius is the first one to discover that different Loki variants are loose on the timeline, thus prompting him to recruit the Endgame version instead of being erased entirely from existence. 

Meanwhile, many would agree that the directing style of Kate Herron for Loki is greatly anticipated, especially after the reveal that projects like Teletubbies and Blade Runner served as her inspiration while putting the series together.

This single image is only a glimpse of Herron's filmmaking, and it will be interesting to find out how her directing stamp will be seen throughout the show's first season run. 

The first episode of Loki will stream on Disney+ on June 9, 2021. 

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