Marvel Releases 12 Spoilery New Photos from Eternals Movie

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While Marvel Studios still has two major projects left in the 2021 release schedule with Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU is still enjoying its latest theatrical run for the recently released Eternals. Fans have had the opportunity to see Marvel's classic race of immortal beings in action as they take their place amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Eternals certainly saw its twists and turns in the public eye in regards to reviews and reception, but it added a new dynamic of storytelling to the MCU with its heroes and villains.

Adding to the franchise's cosmic narrative, the MCU's Celestials had their biggest role yet, as the Eternals teamed up to stop the birth of a new one that would have resulted in Earth's destruction. Featuring an unexpected betrayal from Richard Madden's Ikaris and a seemingly never-ending battle with the Deviants, heroes like Sersi, Druig, Makkari, and more put their full power on display to save their home.

With Eternals having been released for a little while now, the studio and fans alike are beginning to publicly share in the joy of everything that came to life in the MCU's latest theatrical movie. This continues with looks at a dozen scenes from the film's core plot that Disney and Marvel unveiled to the public.

Marvel Studios Showcases Thrilling Eternals Finale

Marvel Studios officially released a dozen images featuring key moments from Eternals, which debuted in theaters on November 5, 2021. These images all highlight key moments from the plot, many of them from Eternals' final battle scene.

Gemma Chan's Sersi is shown in a part of her conversation with Arishem as she learns about the Eternals' true purpose on Earth. She walks into a holographic projection of the thousands of beings created by the Celestials that are sent out to deal with the Deviants before the Emergence brings the birth of a new Celestial being.

Eternals, Sersi, Gemma Chan
Marvel Studios

One of the film's many Deviant variants bares its fangs and appendages from its back as it snarls at Salma Hayek's Ajak in a frozen tundra. This terrifying being played a key role in one of Eternals' emotional turning point moments.

Eternals, Deviant
Marvel Studios

Ajak looks on in fear at the Deviants that have her surrounded on the ice after Richard Madden's Ikaris literally throws her to the wolves. Although Hayek's hero met her end at this moment, her death brought the Eternals together to save the planet.

Eternals, Ajak, Deviants
Marvel Studios

Ikaris returns to Ajak's South Dakota farmhouse after murdering her before letting out a scream of anguish and a blast of energy from his eyes. He leaves the farm in flames during his agony, although he quickly leaves to make sure the Celestials' mission is completed.

Eternals, burning farm
Marvel Studios

Upon the team learning of Ikaris' betrayal, the film's big bad suits up in his gear and goes toe-to-toe with the Eternals' military leader in Angelina Jolie's Thena. He proves just how strong he is against Thena before the film's final battle gets fully underway.

Eternals, Ikaris
Marvel Studios

A fully formed Kro makes his way to the beach near the Indian Ocean as he and his Deviant army give the Eternals everything they can handle. With his fist glowing and his intelligence sharper than ever, he and the Eternals found themselves in an epic tussle in the fight for Earth's survival.

Eternals, Kro
Marvel Studios

Kro unleashed his might on Lauren Ridloff's Makkari, even while she used her super-speed to the best of her abilities in the final battle.

Eternals, Kro, Makkari
Marvel Studios

Thena, Makkari, and Brian Tyree Henry's Phastos look to the billowing clouds in the sky as the volcano near the ocean erupts, only causing more issues as they try to stop the Emergence.

Eternals, volcano
Marvel Studios

Barry Keoghan's Druig focuses all his energy on helping unleash the power of the Uni-Mind alongside Makkari and Sersi. His eyes are glowing as cosmic energy surrounds him, allowing the Eternals' team to combine all of their powers into something quite formidable.

Eternals, Druig
Marvel Studios

Although Ajak was killed early in Eternals' runtime, Hayek's spiritual leader made her presence felt during the final battle. Whether it was trying to get through to Ikaris or helping inspire Sersi and others, Ajak proved useful in helping to stop the Emergence and save the planet she'd come to love over 7,000 years.

Eternals, Ajak
Marvel Studios

Sersi used every bit of power she and her teammates possessed to kill the newly-arriving Celestial in the ocean and turn it into possibly the Ninth Wonder of the World. Even though the MCU's Indian Ocean now features this enormous relic, this is the only collateral damage from the film's final battle, and Earth lives to fight another day.

Eternals, Celestial
Marvel Studios

After accepting the consequences of his actions, Ikaris takes his final flight and hurls himself straight into the Milky Way's sun. Just as Ikaris from Greek mythology lost his wings by flying too close to the sun, the MCU's Ikaris surrendered his life by using the same tactics.

Eternals, Ikaris, Richard Madden
Marvel Studios


Eternals' Biggest Moments Coming to Life

Following Eternals' long-awaited release in theaters, Marvel Studios and fans alike have supported the film's theatrical run and have done everything in their power to let viewers enjoy its biggest moments free of spoilers. Now, with most of the world having enjoyed the experience it brought to the screen, the studio is taking its first big opportunity to give everyone a look at the film's biggest moments.

Nearly all 12 images capture moments from at least the second half of the movie, if not the final battle itself, which showed the Eternals realizing their full power and using it to defeat the Deviants and the Emergence. Even going so far as to highlight the deaths of the new Celestial and Ikaris, Marvel is holding nothing back with these photos as the movie's climax is shown in full.

As more fans get their first glimpse at what the MCU has to offer in its latest cosmic outing, images such as these will become increasingly popular and should be the center of discussion for weeks to come.

Eternals is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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