Marvel Reveals New Footage of Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden & More In Epic Eternals Teaser

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It’s been a long road through 2021, but it appears that theatrical movies are finally starting to bring fans back to the big screen at increasing levels with each new release.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings set a new box office standard a few weeks ago after Marvel Studios kicked things off with Black Widow in July, and Sony is taking the baton and running with it thanks to the debut of Tom Hardy’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Next in line for the superhero genre is Marvel Studios’ Eternals, which has steadily built up hype as potentially being one of the MCU’s best movies to date.

Featuring the best of the best in Hollywood like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and more, Eternals has the opportunity to not only showcase a new team of thrilling heroes but also fill in some gaps in the franchise’s timeline as well. With the team having first touched down on Earth 7000 years prior to the core events in the Infinity Saga, director Chloé Zhao has ample opportunity to enrich the MCU’s past while showing off unique powers and skills from the movie’s heroes.

Two previously released trailers started to tease Eternals’ action and plot with visual effects and battles unlike anything fans have seen. With just about a month until the movie releases, that promotional tour is kicking into high gear with another tease featuring never-before-seen footage.

Eternals Promotion on the Rise

Marvel Studios debuted a new 30-second promo for Eternals containing many new shots from the ensemble film, which is set to debut in theaters on November 5.

Angelina Jolie's Thena is seen sitting in a forest as she tells somebody "When you love something, you fight for it."

Eternals Trailer 1, Thena
Marvel Studios

Richard Madden's Ikaris shows off his powerful eye beams in the middle of town, dressed in civilian clothing.

Eternals Trailer 2, Ikaris beam
Marvel Studios

As Ikaris floats in the air, his beams hit a terrifying Deviant with about a dozen tentacles coming out of its body. This should be one of many Deviant variants featured throughout the movie.

Eternals Trailer 3, beam Deviants
Marvel Studos

The Deviant then appears to disintegrate into the indiscriminate red material that has been seen in previous trailers, all in front of a closed-down candy store.

Eternals Trailer 4, beam explosion
Marvel Studios

Ikaris stands with Gemma Chan's Sersi in Phastos' family's backyard, as he listens to Phastos' son Jack gush about the team and their powers.

Eternals Trailer 5, Ikaris, Sersi
Marvel Studios

Fans get a first glimpse of Brian Tyree Henry's Phastos, his husband (played by Haaz Sleiman), and their son Jack. Jack is excitedly raving about Ikaris' eye beams, even potentially comparing him to the iconic DC hero Superman.

Eternals Trailer 6, LGBTQ Family, Ikaris, Sersi
Marvel Studios

Don Lee's Gilgamesh is then shown going head-to-head with an enormous Deviant in the middle of an oasis.

Eternals Trailer 7, Gilgamesh, Deviant
Marvel Studios

Thena brandishes one of her classic weapons on the beach alongside Lauren Ridloff's Makkari as they both appear ready for battle.

Eternals Trailer 8, Thena sword, Makkari
Marvel Studios

Thena quickly spins around with her sword in front of an erupting volcano as molten debris flies straight towards her.

Eternals Trailer 9, Thena explosion
Marvel Studios

Angelina Jolie's character manages to get herself out of this fiery situation by effortlessly destroying the molten lava rock with her sword.

Eternals Trailer 10, Explosion
Marvel Studios

The trailer concludes with a look into the cloudy blue sky, as Ikaris flies in at high speed towards an unknown enemy. Whoever is on the other end of that shot is clearly in for a world of trouble.

Eternals Trailer 11, Ikaris
Marvel Studios

The full spot can be seen below:


New and Exciting Footage from Eternals

For the most part, this new spot showed off more of the intense action involving the Eternals throughout the movie, which was mixed in with other scenes from the first two trailers. However, fans also got more of a feel for a couple of particular characters' personalities, especially with the moment that showed Phastos' family at their home.

Ikaris' reaction to the young Jack's excitement showcased some of the pure comedy for which Marvel is so well-known, as Ikaris makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't sport a cape. Maybe Jack is mixing up the Eternal with another MCU hero like Thor or Vision, or he could be making a reference to Superman should DC heroes exist in some form within the Marvel universe.

Regardless of that answer, Eternals is making a point to give fans a look into the heroes' personal lives when they're not saving the universe, especially with potentially multiple millennia to explore in the MCU's past.

With the Deviants posing a serious threat to Earth's safety after the events of Avengers: Endgame, it's clear that the ten immortals will have to find a way to work together after years of separation across the globe. As the next few weeks progress, the MCU fandom will start to get a clearer idea on exactly how it will all comes together.

Eternals will release in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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