5 MCU Characters Who Should Meet the Eternals Next

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Eternals MCU Characters

With Eternals hitting the big screen earlier this month, the MCU has nearly a dozen new superheroes in its ever-growing lineup. Given the amount of in-universe time these characters have been around, and more appearances surely on the way, there are so many exciting opportunities for team-ups and other interactions between the Eternals and other characters in the MCU.

Scarlet Witch

Eternals Scarlet Witch

Fans who have seen both WandaVision and Eternals may have noticed some parallels between Wanda Maximoff and Thena - namely, that both have dealt with rough mental health in addition to their powerful magic abilities, and losing their romantic partners and other loved ones.

Wanda seems to be on her own at the moment. While it is currently unknown what her storyline in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will entail, no other character has been through anything closer to her experiences than Thena. These two would likely make for a great friendship, and the two of them fighting alongside each other would make for a pretty epic takedown of whoever ends up being their common enemy.

Agatha Harkness

Eternals Agatha Harkness

While Agatha has only seemed to have been around for a few hundred years, as opposed to the 7000 the Eternals have been on Earth, it would still be interesting to see a scenario where one of them ran into her in the past.

This would likely be during the time when the Eternals were apart from each other, and wouldn’t have been allowed to use their powers to deal with Agatha anyway, but Eternals didn’t provide many instances of what the titular heroes thought of other beings with unusual powers and how they fought with each other, so it would be interesting to see one of them run into - and possibly even relate to - someone like Agatha Harkness at a time before superhuman beings publicly showcasing their powers became somewhat of a norm in the MCU.

Shuri and the Other Wakandans

Eternals Shuri

While Eternals doesn’t conclude with the destruction of Earth, it does end in a pretty close call, with the near-birth of a Celestial leaving a gigantic statue-like being. This combined with the “underwater earthquakes” mentioned by Okoye during Avengers: Endgame could lead to some trouble in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, possibly requiring the help of the Eternals, at least to explain the situation.

One Eternal-Wakandan interaction which would be particularly fun to see would be Phastos and Shuri. Eternals seemingly put all the debates about the identity of the best engineer in the MCU to rest with the reveal that Phastos has been the one allowing humans to invent all of their wild contraptions in the first place.

Shuri learning that Phastos is partially (if not fully) responsible for her creations could make for a humorous scene, or take a more serious turn and lead her to question her abilities and purpose as an engineer. Either way, it’s something that many Marvel fans would probably love to witness.

Young Avengers

Eternals Young Avengers

One character who survived Eternals but is no longer an Eternal herself is Sprite. Doomed to having the appearance of a child for 7000 years, Sprite no longer has her powers but does have the opportunity to live out a typical human life - including aging - before her eventual death.

Sprite appearing to be a preteen or in her early teenage years at the end of the movie likely puts her in the same rough age range as some of the MCU’s other young heroes, including Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Cassie Lang, America Chavez, and Kamala Khan. While some of these characters haven’t yet appeared in the main MCU (or have but don’t currently exist in it) it’s possible they - along with other young heroes - will converge to form the Young Avengers sooner rather than later.

While Sprite doesn’t currently have any powers of her own, she could still be a valuable asset or consultant for this potential new group of superheroes, having 7000 years of experience with a team of her own under her belt. She could also gain new powers in some way, and even though she wouldn’t technically have the mind of a child, there are plenty of ways having someone with the appearance of a teenager but the brain of someone much older could be beneficial to a group like this.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Eternals Guardians Galaxy
Eternals Guardians Galaxy

Now that Makkari, Druig, and Thena are headed to space, they’re likely to run into plenty of otherworldly creatures they’ve never even heard of before. The mid-credits scene of Eternals shows Eros, brother of Thanos, approaching some of the Eternals, so it’s possible they could end up meeting some of his other family members as well.

While Thanos himself and his daughter Gamora are both dead in the main MCU, Nebula is still very much alive and currently appears to be a full-fledged member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It would certainly be entertaining to see the wacky Guardians meet the comparatively more stoic and subdued Eternals, and the Thanos connection would be an especially interesting angle to explore as not only is Nebula part of that, her more serious nature might make her a better fit for the Eternals than her current team.

While Nebula is not an Eternal, she is almost all android at this point, similar to how the Eternals are synthetic beings. With the Guardians likely set to disband or at least change in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, working with the Eternals could prove to be the natural next part of Nebula’s MCU story.

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