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Marvel fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Loki Season 2 and for good reason. The first season of the Disney+ series left fans on a massive cliffhanger, seeing Loki back in the TVA looking at a menacing statue of Kang the Conquerer. 

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania increased the excitement for Loki season 2 by including a post-credit scene with Loki and Mobius watching a presentation on time given by one of Kang's variants, Victor Timely (read our full thoughts on that Ant-Man 3 post-credit scene here). 

Hype for the Loki's return is at an all-time high, so fans are justifiably asking when will Loki Season 2 be released. While no date has been officially confirmed, we do have enough information to make an educated prediction as to the EXACT date Loki Season 2 will release on Disney+.

When Will Loki Season 2 Be Released?

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Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige has given an official release window for Loki 2 in the Summer of 2023. However, Disney's desire to consistently release both Marvel and Star Wars series onto the streamer sets up a roadmap for when the upcoming series could release.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to premiere on March 1 and conclude on April 19. In all likelihood, Secret Invasion, Marvel's first "event series", will begin sometime in May.

A realistic premiere date for Secret Invasion is May 10, if that rings true then the series will likely end on June 14. 

However, another Disney series could possibly stream before Loki. Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka is also set to release this year on the streamer.

Despite Ahsoka being the next big Star Wars show, several recent clues indicate that Loki is indeed closer than Ahsoka.

The Disney+ commercial titled "Streaming in 2023" featured much more footage from Loki, compared to just one singular shot of Ahsoka.

Another huge indication that Loki Season 2 will be the first to release is that filming reportedly wrapped in October 2022. Ahsoka's filming had a similar timeline, but confirmation of when it ended was vaguer. 

Sabine Wren actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo appeared to indicate that she finished filming in mid-October

Giving audiences a short break after Secret Invasion and the continuation of Phase 5, then Wednesday, July 12 is the best guess for when Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney+.

In theory, if Ahsoka does indeed release before Hiddleston's Disney+ return, August 30 could be a possible release date for Season 2 after the Star Wars series concludes.

Update (March 14th): A new report has suggested that Loki Season 2 will release 'much later in the Summer' of 2023.

This would mean that a release date in late August or even early September is the most likely release window for the second season of Loki. Our prediction of an August 30th sounds even more likely now, whether or not Ahsoka ends up premiering this Summer or not. 

This would align it with a similar release window to She-Hulk, which premiered on August 18th in 2021. What If's first season also premiered on August 11th in 2020, so Disney+ does have a precedent of releasing an MCU show in that mid to late August window.

Seven separate Marvel live-action and animated series are slated to release in 2023 on Disney+. Joining Loki Season 2, are What If...? Season 2, Secret Invasion, Ironheart, X-Men '97, Echo, and Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Projects like Ironheart and What If...? are safe bets to actually release this year, while Echo and Coven of Chaos may fall victim to further delay.

Connecting the Marvel streaming slate with Star Wars and everything else Disney plans to release and the calendar becomes incredibly crowded. Of course, different demographics are targeted and the House of Mouse will likely try and spread out its Marvel and Star Wars offerings after lackluster results when previous series have overlapped

The continually expanding MCU opens up many more storylines but also presents several challenges when deciding release dates. Disney hasn't seemed to figure out the perfect formula for Disney+ releases, but a new year will likely see the company learn from its mistakes and pave the way for a brighter streaming future.

This summer Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney+. 

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