Loki Season 2 Releases First Poster for Ke Huy Quan's Character

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Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Ke Huy Quan as OB, Marvel Studios logo

Ke Huy Quan's Loki Season 2 character just received his first MCU poster. 

While Season 2 of the Tom Hiddleston-led Disney+ series looks to reunite its Season 1 cast, Loki's next chapter is bringing in new faces as well, including iconic child star and now Academy Award-winning actor, Ke Huy Quan. 

Quan's TVA persona has been featured in merchandise and in Loki Season 2 trailers; but now, as part of a McDonalds and Loki marketing campaign, Ke Huy Quan's character was spotted in his own in-universe poster. 

Ke Huy Quan Receives Loki Season 2 Poster

Ke Huy Quan as OB in Loki Season 2

Among the promotional posters showcased at Loki's McDonald's pop-up was the first poster for Ke Huy Quan's character for Loki Season 2. 

Quan is playing Ouroboros or OB, a TVA agent who oversees technology and repairs and with a rather unique personal workstation.

Marvel Studios' poster for OB, which was spotted at the McDonald's pop-up and shared online, further reinforces his role as he's shown working on a typewriter with a cracked TempPad nearby. 

Check out the Loki Season 2 poster below:

Loki Ke Huy Quan poster

While the McDonald's print is the first poster solely focused on OB, it's not the first to feature Ke Huy Quan's character. 

Early Season 2 merchandise showed Quan's OB wearing a mechanic's uniform alongside other stars of Loki's sophomore season. 

In addition, Quan's new poster wasn't the only one shown at the Loki McDonald's activation. 

Others consisted of additional TVA propaganda, such as the following Miss Minutes poster titled "Your Place at the TVA with Miss Minutes."

Loki Season 2 TVA poster

Another illustrated a TVA time loop, just like what Loki experienced during Season 1 where Lady Sif repeatedly attacked him for cutting her hair. 

Loki McDonalds TVA poster

Surprisingly, the last poster isn't for the TVA at all but rather a 1982 McDonald's promo.

Loki McDonalds poster

This is because Loki and Mobius visit a 1980s McDonald's to find Sylvie at some point in Season 2. 

How Big is Ke Huy Quan's Loki Role?

Since Ke Huy Quan's OB has been featured in series marketing, hopes are high that his Loki role is a prominent one that possibly extends beyond the series and into the greater MCU. 

However, while fans know he's a TVA repair man and where Mobius takes Loki to deal with his "time-slipping," OB is still very much a mystery, especially since the Season 1 TVA never showed a character in his position. 

It's also possible that, just like Mobius and Hunter B-15, there's more to OB's story as he may also be a Variant with a former life and family of his own. 

As marketing for Loki Season 2 continues to ramp up, MCU fans are likely to see and learn more about the TVA's tech-wizard in the weeks to come. 

Loki Season 2 premieres Friday, October 6 on Disney+.

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