Loki Writer Explains Importance of Jaimie Alexander's Sif Return In Latest Episode

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Marvel Studios' most recent streaming series, Loki, has added a high dose of time-traveling chaos and mischievous twists to the MCU. Episode four of Loki brought Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie back to TVA headquarters, where they were detained and questioned by the cosmically powerful bureaucratic time organization.

Owen Wilson's Mobius attempted to break Loki down through a torturous time loop that would make Doctor Strange proud, which consisted of Jamie Alexander's Lady Sif slapping and kicking the God of Mischief after having some of her hair cut off by the Asgardian Prince.

The Asgardian warrior's cameo was a welcome surprise because Sif had been notably absent from MCU films since Thor: The Dark World, and according to Loki's head writer, everyone working on the show was excited to bring the character back as well.


Sif Asgard

When asked about the importance of bringing back Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif in Loki, head writer Michael Waldron told CBR that the "nod to actual Norse mythology" added a "cool" element to the scene: 

"I think it was cool to just do a nod to actual Norse mythology and the story of Loki cutting Sif's hair, which is a real thing from the comic books and the mythology. Anytime we get to do that, that's really cool."

Waldron also described his general appreciation for the "badass, fan-favorite" character, and even brought up how Sif surviving Hela's attack on Asgard made her "uniquely situated" to go up against Loki:

"And Lady Sif is awesome! She's a badass, fan-favorite character... She wasn't dispatched by Hela in Ragnarok. She felt like somebody uniquely suited to really kneeing Loki in the nuts and punching him in the face a couple of times. So we were excited to get her in there, and she did a fantastic job."


Even though Jamie Alexander is set to return as Lady Sif in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress was still able to surprise fans with her cameo in Loki. It's also impressive how the series' creative team was able to effectively use this scene between Sif and Loki as a revealing character moment for the God of Mischief, as well as a callback to the comics and Norse mythology.

Lady Sif being the last surviving member of Sif and the Warriors Three will certainly affect the character's next step in the MCU, and it's fun to see that this also affected the decision to bring the character back to a past version of Asgard too. Jamie Alexander brought every bit of "badass" energy to this sequence in Loki, while also undoubtedly making fans even more excited about seeing her return for the Thor sequel.

With two more episodes left to go, there's no telling what other tricks Loki has up its sleeve. At least fans can be sure of one thing - Sif's words that Loki will always be alone no longer rings true for the next episode. Things are about to get really weird.

The next episode of Loki will stream on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

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