Why Loki Gender-Swapped Season 1 Main Character (Not Sylvie)

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Loki gender-swap main character

It seems that a major character from Loki's first season was gender-swapped before filming began.

It's not too surprising to hear that someone ended up being far different than originally conceived. After all, the series does feature Sylvie, a female Variant of Tom Hiddleston's iconic character.

The show is also all about alternate versions of one's self—something that the project doesn't even limit to being different genders. Someone could be a bird in another life, or an alligator, like the God of Mischief himself.

Identity is at the core of Loki, so it feels fitting that such a drastic change was made to a character last minute.

But which character was it that was changed so much, and why?

The Big Hunter B-15 Gender Swap

In an excerpt from the new Marvel's Loki: The Art of the Series book, it was revealed that a key character from the show ended up being gender-swapped.

Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Rodney Fuentebella revealed that the character of Hunter B-15 "was originally called Hunter 9K:"

“B-15 was originally called Hunter 9K... I pictured them as someone that would have enhanced strength. That’s why you can see him, or her, wearing some kind of tech-looking armament on their person, as well as some interesting weaponry—something that we’ve never seen before. I wanted to create something that felt like it was a little retro, but at the same time futuristic.”

Loki, Hunter B-15

Concept Artist Wesley Burt noted that "some of the TVA had cyborg equipment" early on, which influenced some of Hunter 9K's designs:

“They’re basically an ’80s amalgamation... some of the TVA had cyborg equipment early on—like cyborg arms and cyborg eyes—that added into that ’80s feel. They’re a little bit like action-movie star meets pro wrestler—something just a little bit over the top.”

Loki, Hunter B-15

Loki director Kate Herron revealed that they "had men and women reading for [the role of Hunter B-15,]" but when Wunmi Mosaku came along, she "completely changed the character," one who was originally seen "as this kind of angry guy:"

“It was so exciting getting audition tapes in for B-15 because we had men and women reading for that role... Wunmi completely changed the character. Originally, the character was conceived of as this kind of angry guy. And there was nothing wrong with the character-but when she read for it, it just gave us a completely different take on it. She wasn’t angry. I loved that she was kind of sarcastic. And I think the thing with her as well is that she’s so warm, and I really loved that. You’re really on her Ade. And also, she’s just a badass.”

Loki, Hunter B-15
Marvel Studios

In describing her character of Hunter B-15, Mosaku noted how "she's very strict" and that guarding the Sacred Timeline "[is] her life:"

“She’s a Hunter... she’s kind of the top of her little pyramid of Minutemen. She’s very strict. She doesn’t veer too far off. Her goal A to be the best and keep the Sacred Timeline sacred. That’s her goal, and that’s her life.”

How Wunmi Mosaku Owns Loki Role

It's hard to say if Marvel Studios made the right choice in changing the character in the way it did, seeing as fans have no way of knowing how things would have played out in that other timeline.

But everything certainly worked out here, as Wunmi Mosaku was great in her role. However, the character could certainly use more focus in future installments, especially with how well the actress owned the part.

Hunter B-15 was spotted in the Loki Season 2 footage shown off at D23 this past September, so hopefully, that's a sign she'll be getting more to do. After all, Eugene Cordero's Casey is getting more screentime, so it feels only right that Mosaku will too.

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+, while Season 2 is set to debut Summer 2023. 

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