Loki Season 2 Actor Reveals 1 Question That'll Get Answered In New Episodes

Loki Season 2 Kang
By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:

Loki Season 2 is in a prime position to answer some of the burning questions surrounding the Multiverse Saga due to the confirmed involvement of Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror. 

Loki Season 1 finale revealed that He Who Remains, one of Kang's many Variants, is the one responsible for the Time Variance Authority. However, in a surprising move after learning the truth, Sylvie killed him, thus causing the Multiverse to expand

As for Loki, the Season 1 journey of Marvel's trickster ended on a confusing note, with him being trapped in a different timeline. And now, a new interview has teased what's next for the character in Season 2. 

Tom Hiddleston Teases Loki Season 2 Mysteries 

Speaking with Good Morning America during D23 Expo, Loki stars Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson teased what's next in the MCU series' sophomore season on Disney+.

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At the end of Loki Season 1, the God of Mischief was transported into a different version of Time Variance Authority, one where Kang the Conqueror is its leader. 

When asked if the events of Season 2 will start immediately at that cliffhanger, Hiddleston played coy, instead teasing that there's a "whole bunch of questions that need answers:"

GMA: “[Loki]’s been put into a new [TVA]. Do we start right there? I guess this is the first question.”

Hiddleston: “Season 1 finishes with Loki arriving back in the TVA after the very distressing confrontation with Sylvie. He has a whole bunch of questions that need answers.”

Wilson chimed in, using Talking Heads' Once in a Lifetime as a reference, to which Hiddleston added by shouting out lyrics from that song as well: 

Wilson: “It is a little bit like that Talking Heads song for you, right? ‘This is not my beautiful life’ and ‘You may ask yourself, how did I get here?’"

Hiddleston: ‘You may ask yourself how did I get here?’

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The pair's comments were actually similar to what they shared during Marvel Studios' D23 panel, with Wilson confirming that Season 2 will ultimately answer how Loki and the rest of the gang ended up in this new TVA: 

Wilson: “It’s a little bit like that Talking Heads song, ’This is not my beautiful life… How did I get here?’”

Hiddleston: “How did I get here.”

Wilson: “And everybody asks that question at one time or another. In Season 2, we’re going to answer it. ‘How did I get here,’ yes.” 

In a separate interview with Stage Right Secrets, Hiddleston alongside Loki Season 2 star Sophia Di Martino and new cast member Ke Huy Quan revealed more details about the show's sophomore run. 

The MCU veteran first expressed his excitement about Quan's involvement while also touching on how Season 1 was a "very meaningful experience:"

Hiddleston: “It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Season 2. We get to do a Season 2. Yeah, we get this guy.”

Quan: “With Season 2, you’ve got a new cast member! It’s so cool. I’m so excited.”

Hiddleston: ” Ke Huy Quan in Season 2. And of course, familiar, and returning, and also some new characters. But it is amazing. I mean on Season 1, we had the most extraordinary time. It was very meaningful experience for all of us, and the response from the audience, and from the fans was also very powerful and meaningful for us.”

Di Martino also said that it's "nice" to give fans "some more" while Hiddleston boldly claimed that they've "got more story to tell" in Season 2:

Di Martino: “It’s nice to just give people some more. Answer some questions, and just yeah.”

Hiddleston: “The story isn’t over. We’ve got some got more story to tell.”

Will Loki Confront Kang in Season 2?

The confirmation that Loki Season 2 will answer why the titular anti-hero ended up on a different TVA is a sigh of relief for fans who have been on a speculation spree ever since the finale. 

It's reasonable to assume that this question will be answered during its first few episodes, considering that set photos already showed Loki working with this version of the TVA in different missions

It's possible that the premiere would revolve around Loki trying to convince Mobius and Hunter B-15 that a Multiversal war is coming, and it's all because of this TVA's new leader, Kang. 

There's also a chance that the God of Mischief would end up confronting Kang in the early episodes, but he could be wary of how powerful he is so he decides to "play along" with this TVA. 

One way or another, Season 2 is poised to end with a clash between Loki and Kang, but the titular character needs to play his cards right in order to survive and potentially warn Earth-616's Avengers about the impending Multiversal War. 

Loki Season 2 is set to debut in Summer 2023 on Disney+.