Loki Season 2: First Official Merch Reveals 7 Main Characters

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Loki season 2 Mobius Sylvie B-15

With first pieces of promotional merchandise for Loki's second season were revealed came the highlighting of seven characters ahead of the show's continuation.

Although it's the first MCU Disney+ show to get a second season, Loki has been facing the same delays as Marvel's other streaming projects in recent months. As such, it is currently unknown when the new season will officially drop, though rumors are circulating of a potential October release.

Very little has been unveiled already about the show's second season, with some footage and promotional art being basically the extent of what has been publicized.

Now, though, that art has been expanded upon as part of the first official promotional merchandise for Loki Season 2.

7 Loki Characters Highlighted in New Merch

New Loki Season 2 merchandise from Amazon France spotlights seven of the main characters appearing in the next round of episodes.

Loki, Mobius, Ke Huy Quan's character, Casey and Hunter-B15 from Loki.

These particular character designs had been revealed before, but this poster set-up with an almost comic-panel-like aesthetic is new.

The art highlights Loki himself, Mobius in a new seemingly mech-suit, Casey, Ke Huy Quan's character, and Hunter B-15.

Miss Minutes from Loki

This piece of art features the conniving Miss Minutes, the anthropomorphic clock voiced by Tara Strong in the show's first season. Based on this art, fans can expect to see more from the TVA's official logo as the show continues.

Sylvie from Loki

This new piece of Sylvie art truly highlights how Loki-like the Loki variant is. Clad in all green, Sylvie looks powerful as ever with her fists clenched, looking ahead.

Ke Huy Quan's character, Hunter B-15, Casey, Mobius, and Loki from Loki with the text

Another piece of art already revealed, this poster is reminiscent of decades-old propaganda posters, indicating a potential for more story about the TVA's use of propaganda introduced in Season 1.

Loki with text

Aesthetically similar to the last one, this poster of Loki shows him in TVA-garb, perpetuating a message that "This is bigger than the TVA, this is about everything."

What Could Loki Season 2 Be About?

Based on these promotional posters, it is fair to assume that the future of the TVA will be in question in Loki's second season.

Following the shocking reveals to those working at the TVA that they are all variants, that the Timekeepers were not real, and that Kang was truly "He Who Remains," many questions likely remain.

However, Loki's first season ended with the titular character seemingly thrust into a different universe, one where Mobius had no clue who he was.

As such, not only will there likely be an exploration of what the TVA has been, means, and could be, but also some way of Loki returning to the original versions of the characters from Season 1.

Fans know that a reunion between Loki and Mobius must happen, as the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania shows the two working familiarly. It will just be a matter of finding out how that happened.

Loki's second season does not currently have a release date, but it will premiere on Disney+, where the first season can be streamed.

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