LEGO Stars Wars 2024 - 11 Sets Expected to Release Next Year

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LEGO Star Wars, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader

Fans have their first look at some of the coolest Star Wars sets coming from LEGO in 2024. 

LEGO Star Wars has been one of the brick-based brand's biggest lines for about as long as Lucasfilm has been telling stories in the galaxy far, far away.

Whether it is releasing sets to tie in with the latest and greatest in the franchise or highlighting classic moments and motifs, LEGO has a lot planned for the rest of 2023, and of course, a whole swath of sets ready to go for the year to come. 

Every LEGO Star Wars Set Releasing in 2024

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, LEGO logo, Star Wars logo, LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special
Star Wars

11 new LEGO sets have been unveiled to release in the company's widely-successful Star Wars in 2024. As revealed by Promo Bricks, these new sets include everything from highly detailed recreations of fan-favorite droids to promotional tie-ins with the series' upcoming Disney+ slate. 

Here is a list of every Star Wars LEGO set coming in 2024:

1.) Clones vs Droids Battle Pack (75372)

Clone Troopers, Droids, ARC-170 Starfighter
Star Wars

Set to release in January 2024 is the Clones vs Droids Battle Pack. This smaller set is expected to include up to 10 minifigures consisting of Clones and Droids and will consist of 215 pieces. 

It is expected to be similar in concept to the 501st Legion Clone Troopers set released in 2020, including the Minifigures as well as a small vehicle of some sort. The Clones vs Droids Battle Pack is set to run customers around $33 USD.

2.) Skeleton Crew Ship (75374)

Jude Law, Skeleton Crew
Star Wars

Set to release just in time for the Disney+ Skeleton Crew series is the Skeleton Crew Ship set. This set will be based on the starship at the center of the series' intergalactic misadventures. 

The set will likely include Minifigures for the series' cast of central space-faring children and their Jedi 'babysitter' played by Jude Law. It will cost roughly $150, releasing in January 2024, and being made up of 1325 pieces. 

3.) 18+ Millennium Falcon (75375)

Millennium Falcon, Star Wars
Star Wars

March 2024 will see a new version of a LEGO Star Wars mainstay enter the fray. The 18+ Millennium Falcon is expected to be a midi-scale recreation of the fan-favorite hunk of junk (similar to the Executor Super Star Destroyer).

The Millennium Falcon's piece count is unknown but is priced at $88 USD. 

4.) 18+ Tantive IV (75376)

Tantive IV, Star Wars
Star Wars

Another midi-scale LEGO set prepped for a March 2024 release date is the 18+ Tantiove IV. This pint-sized playset is modeled after the Tantive IV ship seen in the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope (a.k.a. the Rebel vessel Darth Vader boards at the beginning of the film.

The Tantive IV set will be $76 USD and no official piece count has been made public. 

5.) Grogu’s Escape (75376)

Kelleran Beq, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

Modeled after Kelleran Beq's rescue of Grogu as seen in Season 3 of The Mandalorian is Grogu's Escape. The set will likely include Minifigures for Grogu and Kelleran Beq, as well as a small speeder vehicle. 

Grogu's Escape will hit store shelves in May 2024 for $33 USD.

6.) R2-D2 (75379)

R2-D2, Star Wars
Star Wars

Longtime fans of Star Wars will be able to get their hands on a new R2-D2 model as a part of LEGO's 2024 release calendar. This buildable model of the beloved Astromech droid is expected to be a detailed set that will leave owners with a sizable brick-based R2 by the time they are done building.

The new R2-D2 releases in March 2024 and will run fans about $110 USD.

7.) Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama (75380)

Podracers, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars

For the Star Wars faithful looking to relieve one of the most iconic moments of the prequel trilogy, the Boonta Eve Podrace Diorama set is here to satisfy those cravings. This will be the latest in LEGO's Diorama line, serving as a full recreation of an iconic Star Wars scene ready to sit on a shelf in bespoke diorama form. 

The Boonta Eve Podrce Diorama will cost $76 USD and debuts in May 2024. 

8.) 18+ Droideka (75381)

Droideka, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars

Similar to the newly-announced Millennium Falcon and Tantive IV midi-scale LEGO sets is the 18+ Droideka. This shrunken-down LEGO model will put the rolling Destroyer Droids into the spotlight, ready for display, coming with its own small model base. 

The 18+ Driodeka set will be released in May 2024 and will run $65 USD.

9.) Ultimate Collector Series Set (75382)

LEGO Millennium Falcon, LEGO Republic Gunship, LEGO Luke's Landspeeder, LEGO The Razor Crest

The latest in LEGO's Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) line will come to stores in May 2024; however, it remains unknown exactly what ship this latest set will focus on. The UCS line is a special sub-brand under LEGO that produces highly detailed large-scale LEGO sets, usually sporting ungodly piece counts and just as gargantuan price tags. 

The 2024 USC set will cost $260 USD. 

10.) 4+ Crimson Firehawk (75384)

Crimson Firehawk, Young Jedi Adventures
Star Wars

The 4+ Crimson Firehawk set will let fans of the Young Jedi Adventures animated series, build out one of the show's space-faring starships. The Crimson Starhawk was a ship piloted by Nash Durango (a bounty hunter friend of the Jedi) during the High Republic era. 

The set is priced at $54 USD, will consist of 136 pieces, and will release in January 2024. 

11.) Tantive IV Boarding Diorama (75387)

Star Wars: A New Hope, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers
Star Wars

Another Tantive IV-centered set coming in 2024 is the Tantive IV Boarding Diorama. This new set will fall into LEGO's diorama line, highlighting some of the best scenes in Star Wars history. This snapshot of the Lucasian canon will focus on the boarding of Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper aboard the Tantive IV at the beginning of A New Hope, where he will come face-to-face with Princess Leia

The Tantive IV Boarding Diorama will come to stores in March 2024 and will cost roughly $60 USD. 

What Is Missing From LEGO's 2024?

While this is almost surely not everything fans will get from LEGO's Star Wars line in 2024, it does help to paint a picture of what the brick-based company's next year will look like. 

For those hoping for a few more set reveals, those will come. The furthest out date here is May 2024. That means LEGO has a whole second half of the calendar to fill out with even more releases. 

What those sets will be is anyone's guess, but there are a few ideas out there that would make sense for the brand's next Star Wars ventures. 

The two biggest names fans should expect to see in some of these unannounced 2024 LEGO sets are Ahsoka and The Acolyte

LEGO has proven time and again that it loves some brand synergy, so surely these two Star Wars Disney+ series (one that is about to release and another that is seemingly set for 2024) will get the LEGO treatment in the not-so-distant feature. 

What those specific Ahsoka or Acolyte sets will be remains to be seen, but it feels like a pretty sure bet LEGO sets centered on those projects will be coming at some point in 2024. 

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