New Mandalorian Season 3 LEGO Set Will Highlight Mandalore Scene

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A new LEGO set is seemingly on the way based on one of The Mandalorian's recent Mandalore-based adventures. 

Disney+'s flagship Star Wars series is enjoying its critically acclaimed third season on Disney's streaming platform now, further cementing itself as one of Lucasfilm's most important IPs within the galaxy far, far away. 

The Mandalorian's success has allowed the title to make the jump from the small screen, with its character popping up at Disneyland and even on the LEGO shelf at the local toy store

And with plenty of Din Djarin and Grogu's adventures yet to come, the two will likely continue to be the subject of LEGO's brick-based exploits. 

A New Mando LEGO Set on the Way

Reliable LEGO leaker LEGO Fulcrum on YouTube revealed the first hints of a Mandalore set on the way based on Episode 2 of The Mandalorian's third season.

The set will feature the Mines of Mandalore Spider Droid as seen in the Disney+ series, coming in at 526 pieces and retailing for $44.99 USD. 

Mines of Mandalore 1

It will feature mini-figures for Bo-Katan, Grogu, and Din Djarin with a new Dark Saber mold. 

Mines of Mandalore 2

Update: Via Brickset, the first image of the set has been revealed, giving an up-close look at the design of the Spider Tank and the included minifigures.

Spider Tank LEGO set, The Mandalorian

The robotic creature looks menacing with its fearsome claws, taking up the majority of the set itself. Bo-Katan Kryze's minifigure is all-new, a welcome update from her previous LEGO appearance in 75316 Mandalorian Starfighter with extra arm printing. 

Meanwhile, Din Djarin's figure is a re-use of the one seen in 75363 The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter Microfighter, allowing fans another opportunity to secure this detailed fig.

The set will launch on August 1 of this year.

The Mandalorian Gets the LEGO Treatment

Over the years, LEGO and Star Wars have been two brands intertwined. Brick-based takes on almost every iconic Star Wars moment, ship, or locale have become - in some cases - just as beloved as the source material itself. 

And The Mandalorian is just the most recent title to get this LEGO bump. With the Mines of Mandalore set on the way, there will be more from Season 3 for LEGO to adapt. 

It will be interesting to see what else from the series fans could expect coming down the line.

There have been some solid candidates shown off so far, including the giant lizard battle seen at the opening of Episode 1, or even Bo Katan's castle on the Mandalore moon of Kalevala.

And who is to know what could come in the rest of this Season's remaining episodes and beyond?

The Mandalorian continues its run on Disney+, with new episodes of Season 3 debuting every Wednesday. 

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