First Mandalorian Season 3 LEGOs Tease Major Action Scenes

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Lucasfilm and Disney will be back in action together come February 2023 with Season 3 of The Mandalorian. And since the show hasn't brought forth any new episodes since December 2020, even with Din Djarin's time in 2021's The Book of Boba Fett, anticipation is high to see what kind of story and action will come with Mando's return.

The first trailer for The Mandalorian Season 3 premiered at the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, teasing the titular hero's return as he reunites with Grogu, Greef Karga, and even the show's new friend-turned-foe Bo-Katan Kryze. The trailer was also jam-packed with action sequences amongst the dramatic teases that were laid out, with Star Wars not holding back for a moment in giving Mando plenty to do in this next season.

Now, as fans prepare for the show's next eight episodes to come to Disney+ early next year, a newly leaked LEGO set hints at even more action that's expected to take the spotlight.

LEGO Sets Tease Mando Season 3 Action

Star Wars

Promo Bricks shard two LEGO set descriptions for products focused on Season 3 of The Mandalorian, set to arrive on Disney+ in the first half of 2023. Both of these sets, which hint at space battle sequences, will be available on May 1, 2023.

One of these sets is called a "Pirate Snubfighter," consisting of 285 pieces, while the other is a 957-piece set that's titled "Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor."

The Mandalorian

Snubfighters are small one-man ships, as seen in past Star Wars projects, like Luke Skywalker's X-Wing that was featured in the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.

This will also be the first time that a TIE Interceptor has been made into a LEGO set since 2006, and the Fang Fighter is a smaller vessel that was seen in Star Wars: Rebels previously.

More Starfighter Moments in Mando's Next Season

With almost every new Star Wars project comes a great deal of starfighter action, and it appears that The Mandalorian Season 3 will be no different. Unfortunately, these LEGO set descriptions don't tease any specific information about the moments in which these ships arrive, but there are sure to be plenty of other teases for what's on the way in the coming weeks and months.

The TIE Interceptor's appearance likely teases another show of power from the Empire as Giancarlo Esposito's Moff Gideon prepares for his return, which will see him in the custody of Team Mando at the start of the season. That ship could be the one that comes to save Gideon, but there are still eight full episodes of story, and these moments could come into play at any point in the season.

No matter when the ships from these LEGO sets are seen on screen, Star Wars will give fans an epic new round of action as Din Djarin and company take on their next mission.

The Mandalorian Season 3 will premiere on Disney+ in February 2023.

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