The Mandalorian Season 3's Major Jedi Reveal Explained

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Ahmed Best, Kelleran Beq, The Mandalorian

Warning - this article contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 4 of The Mandalorian.

Chapter 20 of The Mandalorian included an important flashback sequence about what happened to Grogu during Order 66 and the Jedi that saved him.

Since the very first episode of The Mandalorian in 2019, fans have had a multitude of questions regarding Grogu.

The second episode of the series revealed that he is Force-sensitive, but beyond that, the character has been shrouded in mystery for the entirety of the first two-and-a-half seasons, barring a brief scene in Season 2 that confirmed he was at the Jedi Temple during Order 66.

One of the trailers for Season 3 teased that Grogu's past would be uncovered at some point during the current batch of episodes when a shot of the Jedi Temple was included.

However, the latest episode went even further than expected and actually revealed the Jedi that saved him.

The Jedi That Saved Grogu

Jedi, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

When the flashback sequence started in Chapter 20, multiple Jedi shielded Grogu from the incoming clone troopers that were storming the Jedi Temple during Order 66.

Unfortunately, the clones were too overpowering for the Jedi, but they did manage to get Grogu into an elevator that sent him straight down to someone named "Kelleran."

Ahmed Best, Kelleran Beq, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

When the doors of the elevator opened, Jedi Master Kelleran Beq quickly pulled Grogu out. This Jedi was played by none other than Star Wars veteran Ahmed Best, the actor that most notably portrayed Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy.

Although this marks the canon debut for Best's Kelleran Beq, the Jedi Master was actually created as the fictional host of the Jedi Temple Challenge children's game show that was created for Star Wars Kids.

After Grogu left the elevator with his new Jedi companion, the fighting didn't stop.

Another group of clones rounded the corner of the Temple and opened fire in the direction of Beq and Grogu, but Beq quickly pulled out two lightsabers and defended them both before jumping on a speeder and fleeing the Temple grounds.

An Attack of the Clones Easter Egg

Republic LAAT Gunships, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

As Beq and Grogu sped through the busy traffic lanes of Coruscant, they were chased by two LAAT gunships, each carrying a fair number of clone troopers.

Beq was able to lead one into a tunnel and cause it to crash, but their speeder had taken on some damage.

Beq and Grogu continued through Coruscant and actually drove past Umate, the peak of the highest mountain on Coruscant that was showcased in Chapter 19 when Dr. Pershing and Elia Kane were walking through Level 5127.

While still being chased by a LAAT gunship, Beq and Grogu fly toward a landing platform where they have a rough landing.

H-Type Nubian Yacht, Clone Troopers, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

Sitting on the platform was an H-Type Nubian Yacht, which is an extremely high-class ship built specifically for the Royal House of Naboo.

This ship also served to be a bit of an Easter egg, as it is the same type of ship that Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker used in Attack of the Clones when they travel to Tatooine and Geonosis.

After hitting the landing platform, some members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces ask Best about "the others" from the Jedi Temple that made it out alive, to which he replied by saying, "There are no others."

The LAAT gunship landed shortly after Beq and Grogu. They began taking out the Naboo Security Forces as Beq quickly fired up the Nubian Yacht so he and Grogu could escape.

After taking some fire to their rear deflector shields, Beq and Grogu successfully made it out of Coruscant's atmosphere and jumped to hyperspace.

Where is Kelleran Beq Taking Grogu?

Kelleran Beq, Ahmed Best, Grogu, The Mandalorian
Star Wars

Unfortunately, the flashback in The Mandalorian's latest episode ended before it was revealed where Beq ultimately takes Grogu following their escape from Coruscant.

However, there are a few possibilities that previous Star Wars series have introduced that could explain how Grogu stayed hidden for so many years until he was a bounty target for Din Djarin.

It is unlikely that Beq would take Grogu to be in the long-term care of another Jedi. After all, Beq himself had the rank of Jedi Master and was well-known for taking care of and helping Padawans before Order 66.

However, it is equally unlikely that Beq would keep Grogu in his care, even if he would be able to offer the best protection. Beq likely knows that the newly formed Empire is now on the hunt for all remaining Jedi, so he already probably realized that Grogu would be in danger just by being with him.

So, where does Beq take Grogu?

Obi-Wan Kenobi's The Path

Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Path
Star Wars

One of the most important plot points of Disney+'s Obi-Wan Kenobi series was the Path.

When Obi-Wan and Leia found themselves on the planet Mapuzo, they were introduced to the Path by Tala Durith.

Described as a sort of underground network, the Path was able to safely smuggle Jedi from planet to planet after Order 66 and keep them out of the eyes of the Empire.

Even though that network would not have been created or in operation at the time that Beq and Grogu were fleeing, there was a character mentioned in Obi-Wan Kenobi in relation to the Path that could have helped Grogu.

Quinlan Vos Meets Grogu

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Quinlan Vos
Star Wars

Ahsoka Tano stated in Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian that Grogu was hidden from the Empire after Order 66 and that his past was dark and fearful.

If Beq does have knowledge of the Path and meets up with Quinlan Vos to get Grogu to safety, he could be the first person transported through the underground network.

It was revealed in Obi-Wan Kenobi that Quinlan spent time smuggling younglings to safety through the path.

The Path, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Star Wars

This would line up perfectly with Ahsoka's comments, as it would be understandable for a child such as Grogu to be afraid of being moved around by people he wasn't familiar with.

This would also explain the fact that he was hidden from the Empire since he was taken off Coruscant.

It is also important to remember that these Star Wars shows on Disney+ are currently trying to maintain a certain continuity between them.

Even though Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't technically a part of the MandoVerse, having the connective tissue between the two shows by Grogu using the Path would make sense.

When Will Grogu's Next Flashback Occur?

Grogu, The Mandalorian
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Grogu's past is slowly being revealed over the course of The Mandalorian.

That being said, there is a chance that Season 3 will not include any more flashback scenes answering any of the remaining questions.

However, as time progresses the truth will eventually be uncovered. It is possible that Beq actually did end up keeping Grogu and taking care of him, but it is not likely.

One also has to wonder whether Kelleran Beq is still out there and if he managed to evade the Empire for the roughly 28 years between Order 66 and the start of The Mandalorian, but only time will tell.

Season 3, Episode 4 of The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney+.

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