Meet Leah from Love Island USA: 4 Things to Know About Leah Kateb

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Leah Kateb, Love Island USA Season 6 cast

As of Love Island USA’s most recent installment, Leah Kateb is in the perilous position of being single.

In Love Island USA, Peacock’s answer to the long-running British reality series of almost the same name, it’s sink or swim for contestants. Several participants are flown to an idyllic island paradise, and to stay there, they must actively be in a relationship with their fellow players.

Who Is Leah Kateb From Love Island USA?

Leah Kateb on Love Island USA

Leah Kateb Still Goes to College

24-year-old Leah Kateb is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Calabasas, California.

Kateb didn't move too far from her hometown in the Golden State, as she grew up in Bell Canyon, California.

Leah's First Language Isn't English

Kateb is Persian. She and her parents immigrated from Iran to Los Angeles, California.

As such, her first language is not English but Farsi.

Leah Loves Animals

Leah Kateb is an animal lover, so much so that she has been a vegetarian for 11 years.

Despite already owning three dogs, three horses, and a few pigs as pets, Kateb is set on having more animal friends around her.

In a promo for Love Island USA (Via Entertainment News on YouTube), Kateb rattled off a list of all the types of pets she’d love to own:

“I have a lot of love for animals. Want more horses, more dogs. I want cows, pigs. I used to have like, pet snails.”

Leah Is a David Lynch Fan

Kateb loves movies, but not just any old films. She has a special fondness for auteur director David Lynch, the mastermind behind Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive.

Kateb is also a big music fan, having attended Coachella in 2022. She even got exclusive access to the festival, posting a video on her Instagram story from backstage during one of the performances.

How To Follow Leah Kateb Online

For those interested in seeing more of Leah Kateb, she can be found on Instagram (@leahkateb).

The Season 6 finale of Love Island USA drops on Peacock on Thursday, June 20.

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