Perfect Match Season 2 Spoilers: Who Wins? Finalists Speculation Explained

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Major spoilers and speculation are ahead for Perfect Match Season 2, putting the pieces together to predict who wins the reality TV show.

Netflix's Perfect Match Season 2 premiered on June 7. New episodes are released each Friday in three batches: Episodes 1-6, Episodes 7-9 on Friday, June 14, and the finale on Friday, June 21.

Headlined by reality TV star Harry Jowsey and his constant carousel of cuddling, here's a breakdown of who may win Perfect Match Season 2.

Perfect Match Season 2 Recap

Perfect Match Season 2 cast

Warning - This section contains spoilers for Perfect Match Season 2, Episodes 1-6.

In the first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2, Netflix's singles engaged in flirtations and strategic gameplay.

Set in a villa in Tulum, Mexico, the initial matches included Dominique Defoe and Bryton Constantin, who started strong but quickly clashed; Harry and Elys Hutchinson, who connected despite Harry's reputation; and Micah Hutchinson and Izzy Zapata, whose pursuit was awkward and unsuccessful. 

Challenges allowed couples to win dates and disrupt others, leading to significant shake-ups. Harry and Elys won the first challenge but ultimately split, with Harry finding a new match in Jessica. 

Meanwhile, Dominique faced off with Bryton and Chris Hahn, and Tolu Ekundare formed a strong bond with Dom but eventually reconsidered.

By the end of Episode 6, Harry and Jessica overcame emotional turmoil to strengthen their bond, while Stevan and Alara stirred the pot but stayed strong. 

Chris and Tolu remained committed despite attempts to break them up, Kaz and Micah faced challenges with jealousy, and new couple Justin Assada and Elys enjoyed a promising start.

The preview for the next batch of episodes hinted at more singles entering the scene, promising further drama.

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Who Wins Perfect Match Season 2?

Warning - This section may contain spoilers for future episodes of Perfect Match Season 2.

By the end of each season of Perfect Match, contestants vote on the standout couple, deemed the most well-matched and least dramatic, to win the title of "Perfect Match." This earns them social media followers and potential endorsement opportunities, though no cash prize.

An immediate favorite to win Season 2 is Chris and Tolu. Viewers are pleasantly surprised by their natural connection and chemistry, which feels genuine and free-flowing compared to other couples.

In addition, fans are unexpectedly enjoying the pairing of Stevan and Alara, praising their matched energy, good chemistry, and Stevan's surprising sweetness, which they suspect might be for the cameras but nonetheless feels compatible and engaging.

Warning - The following covers real-life news which spoils Season 2.

Before the release of Perfect Match Season 2, Harry was on Dancing with the Stars Season 32. However, Perfect Match was already filmed, meaning he could've had a new relationship that needed to be a secret.

While denying a relationship with his dance partner Rylee Arnold, he confirmed on his podcast Boyfriend Material that he had a secret girlfriend. Harry didn't name her, but it's all but confirmed that he was talking about Jessica from Perfect Match Season 2.

It turns out that while Dancing with the Stars was airing, fans who were shipping Harry and Rylee together were tearing apart his secret relationship behind the scenes.

Harry explained that while viewers were speculating if he and Rylee were together, all the fan-made "edits" of those two "brought [him] and [his] girlfriend at the time apart:"

"On my reality TV journey, the last stop was 'Dancing With the Stars.' I know what you’re thinking, 'Harry, are you and Rylee dating? Are we together? Am I leading her on? Are we hooking up?' What if I told you, I was in a secret relationship at the start of 'Dancing With the Stars' and all those edits brought me and my girlfriend at the time apart?"

Despite Harry claiming to be faithful to Jessica, the relationship ended partly due to the rumors. Harry attempted reconciliation during the show, even planning to propose. Still, he realized it was over when his girlfriend failed to attend the proposal, prompting him to block her contact. 

While their relationship is now crumbling, it seems like Harry and Jessica do leave the new show as a couple, but are they the "Perfect Match" of Perfect Match?

Learn more when the next batch of Season 2 episodes drops on Friday, June 14.

Perfect Match Season 2, Episodes 1-6 are streaming on Netflix.

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