Who Is Harry Jowsey? 4 Things to Know About Perfect Match & Love Is Blind Star

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Harry Jowsey in Perfect Match Season 2

Aside from starring in another Netflix reality dating show, there are a few things fans should know about Perfect Match's Harry Jowsey.

Harry Jowsey helps make up the cast of Season 2 of one of Netflix's most intriguing shows - Perfect Match - a series where each contestant has already appeared on a prior reality show from the streamer.

Perfect Match Season 1 proved to be a major success for the streaming service when it was released in February 2023, so Season 2 was quickly greenlit and filmed.

Interesting Facts About Perfect Match's Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey in Perfect Match Season 2

Harry Was on Another Competition Show (Not Too Hot to Handle)

Part of what makes Perfect Match so special is that all of the contestants have been on other Netflix reality shows.

For example, Harry Jowsey was originally on Too Hot to Handle while some of the other contestants came from shows like Love is Blind or Dated and Related.

However, some fans may not know that Harry starred on another show in the past - none other than ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Harry was paired with 18-year-old Rylee Arnold for the competition, where the pair placed sixth in the competition.

However, Harry did create a very heart-filled Instagram post about his experience on Dancing with the Stars, and specifically how "proud" he was of Rylee.

Harry Created His Own Brand of Luxury Candles

Harry Jowsey has undoubtedly seen a lot of success in his life. Most fans are familiar with the multiple TV shows he has been a part of, but some probably don't know that he founded a brand of luxury candles called The Ritual.

While the scents play an important role, the allure of The Ritual candles isn't just the aroma. The candles are supposed to better the mental health of customers.

Part of the brand's statement reveals that the goal of the candles is to "transport" users "to a space of tranquility" and to "[encourage] moments of reflection and self-discovery:"

"Through our thoughtfully curated scents, we aim to transport you to a space of tranquility, encouraging moments of reflection and self-discovery.

As of writing, a candle from The Ritual can be purchased for $44 USD (aside from one scent that costs ($55 USD), or there is a mystery scent candle available for $25.

Harry Started an Extremely Successful Podcast

Harry Jowsey recently started his own podcast that, as of writing, only has six episodes in the library.

Titled Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey, the show is marketed more toward women who are keen to get an inside look at the male mind regarding relationship, love, and all things in between.

Harry releases a brand new episode of his podcast every Tuesday, and although it only started on April 30, the show has over 1,700 reviews on Apple Podcasts and over 3,600 reviews on Spotify, meaning that it is already a huge success for Harry and his brand.

It is also worth noting that Harry had another podcast in the past titled Tap In, which was ultimately canceled.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating?

Harry Jowsey has been on multiple Netflix dating shows in hopes of finding “the one,” but the influencer has had a pretty lengthy dating history since he rose to stardom.

Back when he appeared on Too Hot to Handle, Harry was in a relationship with co-star Francesca Farago. The two spent a lot of time together both on and off the show, and were even engaged at one point before breaking off their relationship.

Many also questioned whether or not Harry began a romantic relationship with Khloé Kardashian when rumors began to swirl that the two were together.

Harry quickly cleared the air on the matter on his Tap In podcast, confirming that the rumors were completely untrue.

However, he did admit to sliding into Kardashian’s DMs and shooting his shot, but nothing ever came of it:

“The thing is, I DM'ed her a couple weeks before and was like, 'How are you little hummingbird?' ... because I was like, I wonder if I just cast a line here. I'm tall. I kind of look like a basketball player, maybe. I'm just unathletic. ... She's going through a tough time. Maybe she needs a laugh. Maybe she needs someone who's just going to come and make her giggle and have a good time.”

Harry has reportedly dated others since then, and some fans even theorized that he was in a relationship with his Dancing with the Stars partner, Rylee Arnold.

However, both of them revealed those rumors to also be false, with Harry coming to Rylee’s defense in an interview with PEOPLE to talk about how he felt the rumors were “unfair” to Rylee since she is so young and was only 18 at the time:

“I think that it's a little bit unfair on Rylee so early on. She's so green to this whole world and everyone having an opinion, and stuff like that ... We're trying our best to focus on the dance, and whatever happens, happens. We’re just enjoying being together.”

Harry did, however, admit that he was dating someone while filming Dancing with the Stars, but he wouldn’t disclose who it was. He also said that the rumors about he and Rylee ultimately hurt his relationship with that person.

As of writing, Harry is not officially dating anyone. However, he and Jessica Vestal are one of the biggest couples in Perfect Match Season 2, so fans will have to see how they play out and wait until the end of the season to learn if they are still together or not.

Where Can Harry Jowsey Be Found Online?

Fans can follow Harry Jowsey on Instagram with the username @harryjowsey, on X (formerly Twitter) @HarryJowsey, and on TikTok with the username @harryjowsey.

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