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Justice League, Black Adam

Black Adam is approaching its highly-anticipated release, meaning that marketing has been ramping up in the past weeks. Dwayne Johnson, as expected, has been at the center of the film's promotional drive, with the former WWE Champion hyping up its premiere on social media

Warner Bros. recently released a brand new trailer for Black Adam, revealing a familiar connection to the DCEU by featuring Viola Davis' Amanda Waller from The Suicide Squad. The character's return raised tons of questions about Black Adam's place in the wider DCEU, leaving fans to wonder if it's part of the Snyderverse or the established theatrical cut.

Now, new footage from the latest trailer appears to end the ongoing debate.

Black Adam Trailer Uses Justice League Footage

Ahead of next month's premiere, Dwayne Johnson revealed a brand new trailer for Black Adam, showcasing new footage and a surprising inclusion of clips from previous DCEU movies, such as Justice League and Birds of Prey. 

The footage includes a brief clip from the theatrical cut of Justice League, showing the Batarang of Ben Affleck's Batman: 

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Lois Lane holding Superman's suit from Man of Steel was also included: 

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Wonder Woman holding her shield in a scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Arthur Curry emerging from the waterfalls in the first Aquaman movie were also featured.

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Lastly, Harley Quinn walking away after destroying Ace Chemicals in Birds of Prey ended the montage: 

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The trailer can be seen below: 

Will Black Adam Address the Justice League's Whereabouts?

The Justice Society of America's debut in Black Adam led many to wonder if the current state of the Justice League would be addressed. 

In the film's trailers, it became apparent that the JSA was tasked to handle Black Adam, but this job could've easily been assigned to the Justice League since Superman and Wonder Woman could've handled the anti-hero in a fight.

It's possible that the Justice League is off-world during the movie's events, leaving Amanda Waller and the government to rely on the JSA for assistance.

The fact that the JSA also has Doctor Fate, a magic user, is also an advantage for the team, considering that Black Adam also relies on magic. This could also be one of the reasons why the JSA was chosen for the mission.

Meanwhile, including footage from other DCEU movies suggests that Black Adam's connection to the larger franchise will be addressed. Dwayne Johnson has been hyping up a "new era" for the DCEU, and the actor's remark is widely expected to pay off in the film. 

Rumors have suggested that Henry Cavill's Superman could be making a grand return, so it's possible this latest trailer could be a subtle tease towards the possibility.

Black Adam premieres in theaters on Friday, October 21. 

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