New Invincible Season 2 Video Celebrates Release Date

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Invincible Season 2

Amazon Prime Video gave Invincible Season 2 a moment to shine with a new video celebrating the season's upcoming release date.

The Invincible fanbase remains on the edge of its seat regarding Season 2's upcoming return to Prime Video after Season 1 came to the forefront two and a half years ago in March 2021.

It's even been confirmed that Season 2 will take up some space in the 2024 release schedule as well, with only half of this new set of episodes coming before the year's final days arrive.

Invincible Season 2 Release Date Takes Spotlight

On August 19, the official Invincible X/Twitter page shared a 16-second video celebrating Season 2's upcoming release, noting that it would officially be available to stream in "Only 75 more days!"

Gillian Jacobs' Atom Eve is seen in battle against her brother, although she's labeled with the word "Admin," seemingly playing the role of the Invincible social media team's administrator in this scenario.

Atom Eve, Invincible Season 2
Amazon Prime Video

On top of Eve's brother, fans can see a meme featuring J.K. Simmons' Omni-Man seemingly asking the question "Where's Season 2 William?"

Invincible Season 2 meme
Amazon Prime Video

Holding off those attacks, Eve lets out a yell and powers up into her armored suit, which even comes with the show's official release date on top of each new piece of armor she gains.

The video closes off with the official November 3 release date being shown right on Eve's forehead:

Atom Eve, Invincible Season 2
Amazon Prime Video

Watch the full video below:

What to Expect in Invincible Season 2?

With Invincible creator Robert Kirkman telling Collider that he "can't wait for people to finally see" what he and his team brought in Season 2, anticipation is certainly high for the show's return.

Trailers have already confirmed an all-star roster of cast members joining Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, and J.K. Simmons for the next set of episodes, setting up dozens of major players for huge moments alongside the Grayson family.

With Atom Eve herself also primed to be set up as possibly the most powerful hero in the Invincible universe, it only seems fitting that she's the main focus of this ad as the show inches closer to its return.

And considering that Invincible Season 2 could be just the start of a more regular run over the coming years, excitement is running high for where the story could go in the next eight episodes.

Invincible Season 2 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video on November 3.

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