Invincible Season 2 Just Teased 1 Hero Stronger Than Omni-Man

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Invincible Season 2 is on the way to Amazon Prime, and a special primer episode featuring Atom Eve's origin story teased a hero that may be stronger than Omni-Man. 

The new episode explained that Samantha Eve Wilkins aka Atom Eve is the product of a secret government program gone wrong. A scientist named Brandyworth developed Sam while she was still in her mother's womb, enhancing her DNA to give her the ability to envision the molecular structure of everything around her and manipulate it with her mind. 

The plan for Sam was to "create a superhero with almost limitless potential;" the reason Brandyworth specified her powers are "almost limitless" is because he implemented a subconscious block in Atom Eve's mind that prevents her from controlling living tissue. 

However, the episode's climax wasted no time showing audiences that she can overcome this mental block in certain situations, which makes Atom Eve one of the most powerful threats featured in Invincible

Invincible Season 2: Is Atom Eve Stronger Than Omni-Man?

Atom Eve, Invincible
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According to the recently released Invincible Atom Eve prequel episode, the hero may be stronger than the nearly-invincible Omni-Man.

Eve has the ability to change the molecular structure of just about anything in Invincible Season 2, like switching the flavor of a stick of gum or changing the face on a quarter. She can also create energy constructs with her mind, similar to how Green Lantern uses his ring to conjure whatever constructs he envisions. 

Eve began testing the limits of her abilities as she grew older, and she discovered her stopping point when she was unable to turn a squirrel into a puppy. She also tried using her powers to conjure a puppy out of thin air (who wouldn't?), but that didn't work either, asserting that living things may be off the table for Atom Eve's molecular manipulation. 

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When Atom Eve learned the horrific details behind her origin, though, she became so angry that her powers went into an overload state where she could control every molecule around her - whether it be living or not. 

She also showed the ability to erase people's memories, causing her captors to completely forget who she was. And afterward, Sam was totally healed of all injuries she had sustained earlier that day. 

Will Omni-Man Meet His Match With Atom Eve?

Atom Eve, Invincible
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Although she couldn't totally pronounce “valence electrons,” Sam knew more about the world’s molecular makeup at the age of six than the average high school science student. The superpowered prodigy was making LEGO models of molecular structures that people didn't even recognize, teasing that she may be able to create and manipulate materials that have yet to be discovered. 

This may be particularly useful when dealing with otherworldly threats, as would Atom Eve's overload state of power. There was no indication in Season 1 of Invincible that Sam has regained access to that ability since then, meaning this development will likely play a role in the plot of Season 2.

"I could rearrange your cells to make you whole new people from the monsters you are!" 

- Atom Eve, 'Invincible' Season 2 

The new Invincible prequel ended by showing an earlier version of Omni-Man struggling to control his anger, reminding fans that Earth is going to need a better defense system if the alien menace decides to return. 

Anger and distress seem to heighten Atom Eve's abilities in the new episode. For example, Sam didn't discover her special abilities until her dad came down on her for being a freak of nature, and she wasn't able to manipulate live matter until she learned of her troubling backstory and had to confront those responsible for the tough life she's had to live. 

Atom Eve, Invincible
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If Atom Eve has to face off against a world-ending threat like Omni-Man, that may be enough stress to elevate her abilities once more so she can overcome her mental block, which is exactly the type of power needed to face off against someone that strong. 

Atom Eve may even be able to wipe Omni-Man's memory and rearrange his mind to make him the perfect dad that Mark always thought he was, but it may be a bit too late for that as he recently tore half the world apart. Invincible Season 1 showed it'll take more than brute strength to stop Omni-Man, so it's more likely that Sam will have to work her molecular manipulation magic to identify the makeup of Omni-Man and exploit any weakness she can find. 

Speaking of bad dads, that's another thing Atom Eve has in common with Invincible's main character Mark Grayson aka the son of Omni-Man. This detail may bring the two young heroes closer together, which can only help if Omni-Man returns to Earth. 

Invincible Season 2 starts streaming on November 3 on Amazon Prime. 

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