Invincible TV Creator Spoils How Season 2 Starts

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Invincible creator Robert Kirkman spilled some details on how Season 2 would begin after Season 1's wild ending. 

Ahead of its Season 2 premiere on Amazon Prime Video in November, anticipation surrounding its release is high, especially after Season 1 ended with an intense and emotional father-son brawl between Mark Grayson and Omni-Man. 

The final moments of Invincible Season 1 saw Omni-Man leaving Earth while Mark recovered from his injuries in one of the hospitals of the Global Defense Agency. 

Invincible Creator Talks About Season 2's Opening Scenes 

During Amazon Prime Video's panel at this year's New York Comic-Con, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Simon Racioppa talked about the ramifications of Season 1's ending and where Season 2 kicks off. 

Omni-Man vs. Mark Grayson in Invincible

When asked to talk about Mark's growth since the Season 1 finale, Kirkman teased that he's still "picking up the pieces" after he clashed with Omni-Man, noting that fans will find him "at his lowest possible point" at the start of Season 2: 

“Yeah, I mean, he’s picking up the pieces after his big confrontation with Omni-Man and I think that we’re finding Mark at his lowest possible point at the beginning of our second season.”

Racioppa chimed in confirming Season 2 begins right after Mark's confrontation with his father. The showrunner also teased that viewers will see how the character "changed" after that pivotal fight: 

"Well, I think one of the things is we don’t wanna hide that from you. We’re gonna show you how Mark’s changed, because we pick up, basically, I don’t know if that’s a secret, the end of Season 1. So, you’re gonna see how he’s changed. You’re gonna see what the ramifications and reverberations of Season 1 are on screen. So we’re gonna show you.”

Mark Grayson in Invincible Season 1

When it was pointed out that everyone who trusted Omni-Man, aka Nolan Grayson, was "really suffering" after the climactic battle, Kirkman agreed, opining that the impact would mostly be felt by his wife and Mark's mother, Debbie Grayson: 

“Yeah, I mean… Debbie Grayson, played by the amazing Sandra Oh, her world has been shaken to its core and she’s a huge aspect of this show. A much bigger presence in the show than she is in the original comic book series. And she’s really the heart and soul of the show. She’s our human character who has to deal with all of these crazy superhero events that are happening around her."

The show's creator added, Season 2 starts in "such a dark and broken place" with everyone "reeling" from Omni-Man's outburst against Mark: 

"And again, we start in such a dark and broken place at the beginning of this season. The world is reeling from this Omni-Man reveal. And it just gives us a tremendous place to go as the season progresses. But we’re really gonna start in a pretty dark and upsetting place, which is a lot of fun.”

Why Invincible Season 2's 'Dark' Opening Works

The confirmation Invincible Season 2 picks up right after the stunning confrontation between Mark Grayson and Omni-Man presents many exciting storytelling possibilities. 

The fact that it doesn't have a big time jump between seasons is essential since it will allow viewers to witness firsthand the ramifications of Mark's defeat and its impact on the rest of the characters. 

Whether or not seeing Omni-Man's true nature will radically change Mark's perspective on his true self remains to be seen. 

Given that Invincible embraces mature elements, starting Season 2 in a "dark and upsetting place," as Robert Kirkman pointed out, would be on brand for the series and it would showcase the characters in a different light that would make their evolution throughout the next episodes worth watching. 

Showing more of the new villains like Angstrom Levy, unraveling Omni-Man's exile in space, and the potential tease of the Sequid's return in the first few episodes of Season 2 could further solidify the sophomore run's dark turn.

Invincible Season 2 premieres on Prime Video on Friday, November 3.

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