Invincible Season 2 Celebrates Incoming Release Date With New Video

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A new video for Invincible’s Season 2 teases the launch of the show’s impending new episodes.

The show's first season aired its finale in April 2021—over two years ago. Fans have been waiting for a proper continuation ever since.

Surprisingly, Amazon Studios delivered a special episode focused on Gillian Jacobs’ Atom Eve at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. While fans loved it, it only made the wait for Season 2 that much harder.

Thankfully, the show’s return, which will feature the first four episodes of the new season, is just around the corner: November 3, to be exact.

Invincible's Short Wait Until Season 2 Release

Invincible Machine Man
Prime Video

A new promotional post from Invincible's official Twitter account teases the show's upcoming Season 2 premiere on November 3.

The clip memes a moment from Season 1 where Machine Man inserts a chip into his head, an upload he clearly enjoys. Here, that chip represents the short 30-day wait (from when the post was originally made) until new episodes are here.

The promo video can be seen below:

What Will Season 2 of Invincible Give Fans?

So, what can fans expect from Season 2?

Well, the most recent trailer teased a few things. Mark gets to spend some more time with Allen the Alien, his relationship with Cecil seems to be fraying, Immortal Man has it out for Invincible, and Doc Seismic makes his returns

Most importantly, J. K. Simmons’ Omni-Man will return—though it’s unclear how far into the comics’ story Season 2 will go. The show has the tendency to mix stuff up as well, so who knows what surprises the showrunners have in store?

One big plot point that’s already confirmed for the new episodes will be the introduction of Angstrom Levy, a Multiversal villain who is one of Invincible’s strongest foes. His introduction also means Invincible is one step closer to his Spider-Man crossover.

Invincible Season 2 premieres on Friday, November 3.

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