Invincible Season 2 - 8 Spoilery Scenes to Expect from the Comics

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Invincible, Mark and Omni-Man

Here’s a list of eight big spoilers and events from Invincible's original comics that the show could adapt in the upcoming Season 2.

Amazon Prime Video's Invincible is known for its jaw-dropping moments that shake audiences to their core. After all, the series did start out with the brutal, blood-soaked slaughter of the show’s Justice League rip-off.

The twists only got crazier from there—the Flaxan genocide, that horrifying Reanimen, the Sqeuid’s infiltration of Mars, and more. There’s also the insanity that was Omni-Man’s big betrayal of not only his family but Earth itself. What followed was a truly remarkable trail of blood, guts, destruction, and shattered emotions.

So what moments might Invincible’s Season 2 look to adapt?

8.) The Sequid Invasion

Invincible fighting Sequids
Image Comics

The Sequid were first introduced in Season 1’s fourth episode; the ending teased that the parasitic invasive species were hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike.

The end of Season 1's finale also teased their impending threat, so it makes sense that they’d come up at some point in these new upcoming episodes.

While they aren’t likely to be one of the key threats throughout the season, at least one episode could bring them back into play. This could mean that fans might get to see the Sequid’s big invasion of Earth come to life in animation.

In the comics, this leads to Invincible teaming up with the new iteration of the Guardians of the Globe to try and stop the parasites from taking over the planet.

This particular storyline contains one of the comics’ darker, more tragic story beats. In order to stop the Sequid once and for all, the heroes have to sacrifice an innocent.

7.) Darkwing Returns

Darkwing in Invincible
Prime Video

Midnight City’s original protector, Darkwing, was slaughtered amongst the Guardians of the Globe in Season 1.

The hero’s former sidekick, Night Boy (yes, like Batman and Robin), goes on to continue his legacy. However, there’s a problem: this new Darkwing is far more corrupt and uses his powers to outright murder criminals.

Cecil sends Mark to apprehend him, which proves to be easy enough. Once in custody, the shady government agent offers Darkwing amnesty in exchange for his service.

Another interesting element of the hero is his ability to access the alternate dimension he calls the “Shadowverse."

Introducing the next legacy of an original Guardians of the Globe member seems like a natural step for the show’s story.

6.) Introducing Dinosaurus

Dinosaurus in Invincible
Image Comics

Dinosaurus is a unique villain who first made his appearance in issue #68 of Invincible's original comic run. David Anders is basically the Hulk with a human-sized T-Rex-like alter ego that he turns into when bored. 

He is first introduced as a bad guy, one who eventually succeeds in blowing up Las Vegas. The twist is, despite those villainous actions, he eventually forms an interesting bond with Invincible, with the duo even teaming up in helping to defeat bigger threats such as Omnipotus—another villain who could get a small introduction in Season 2.

On one hand, given how late in the comics he’s introduced, an appearance might seem unlikely. However, the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, already stated that they aren’t afraid to remix the original order of events.

While Dinosaurus isn’t likely to play any pivotal role in Season 2, a small introduction could be a perfect way to slowly build toward his larger role in Mark Grayson’s story.

5.) Allen the Alien Gains Strength

Allen the Alien in Invincible
Prime Video

Allen, voiced by Seth Rogen, had a memorable but fleeting appearance in Invincible Season 1 as he introduced himself to Mark and told him (and audiences) about the Coalition of Planets.

In the comics, after informing the Coalition about Invincible and his difference to that of others in his species, Allen is ambushed by two Viltrumites who begin asking questions about Nolan, aka Omni-Man, abandoning his post on Earth. The attackers brutally wound Allen and leave his broken body floating in space.

After being discovered, Allen is taken to a hospital. Months later, with plenty of healing, the alien discovers that he’s somehow gained more strength and invulnerability than he had before the incident.

This also marks the moment when Allen learns that Thadeus, the leader of the Coalition of Planets, was the first Viltrumite to rebel against his empire. This revelation is the first step in Allen’s journey combatting the threat of the Viltrumites.

4.) A Fractured Relationship With Cecil

Cecil Stedman in Invincible
Prime Video

Given Omni-Man’s big stunt, the trust of Viltrumites is in short supply. It only makes sense that the show will weave the threads of distrust between Cecil and Mark Grayson.

In fact, their strained relationship can be heard in the show’s first trailer as Cecil threatens to keep Mark on a short leash. It’s probably safe to assume that Mr. Immortals' little struggle with Invincible might also be because of that.

His fractured relationship with Cecil eventually leads to Mark Grayson separating himself from the U.S. Government and functioning on his own as a hero. However, the situation between the two probably won’t develop that far by the time Season 2 ends.

3.) The Origin of Angstrom Levy

Angstrom Levy in Invincible Season 2
Prime Video

Angstrom Levy is a scientist with the ability to create portals to other dimensions, going on to be one of Invincible’s greatest enemies.

The character is already confirmed to be debuting in Season 2, which likely means fans will see Angstrom’s origin.

In a bid to upload the memories of countless alternate versions of himself from across the Multiverse, Angstrom works with the Mauler Twins to build a device that can do just that.

During Levy’s big experiment, with memories of his alternate selves actively being uploaded into his brain, Invincible crashes the party. The Mauler Twins nearly kill Invincible, but Angstrom tries to stop the machine and them before anyone dies in the conflict.

This leads to a massive explosion, permanently disfiguring and mutating Langstrom, whose warped memory leads him to blame Invincible for ruining his life.

While his physical features may be permanently altered, Angstrom’s machine was successful, leaving the villain with the mind of a thousand geniuses.

2.) Reuniting With Nolan, the Deserter

Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man in Invincible
Prime Video

With Nolan’s huge betrayal in Season 1, it’s hard to believe that the storyline will sit on the sidelines for long.

After leaving Earth, Nolan self-exiles himself to another planet, Thraxa.

Nolan reveals that in his self-exile, he worked to unlearn his Viltrumite ways and completely start anew. While Mark tries to convince him to come back to Earth, Nolan makes it clear that what he did cannot be undone and that staying on Thraxa is the best course of action.

Understandably, his actions have put him in the Viltrumite’s crosshairs. The enemy empire attacks the father and son duo, hoping to take Nolan in for his betrayal.

But the two are just protecting one another: Nolan’s had another child—plot twist.

1.) Meeting Oliver

Oliver Grayson from the Invincible comics
Image Comics

During Nolan’s time away on Thraxa, he found a new mate in Andressa. The two end up conceiving a child, one who has purple skin—something the Viltrumites consider a genetic flaw worth killing over.

When the Viltrumites attack Nolan and Invincible, Mark’s father asks that his son take his new brother back to Earth and watch after him.

There is a chance that this big reveal is something the series holds off from doing until the end of Season 2. The story will want some time to simmer before adding Mark’s new brother into the mix—something that could make for a terrific status quo shift going into Season 3.

Oliver, a name he gets after arriving on Earth, goes on to become Omni-Boy; though, again, that’s probably something saved for a later season.

The first four episodes of Invincible Season 2 debut on Amazon Prime Video on November 3.

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