Invincible Season 3 Gets Exciting Omni-Man Update from Creator

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In a recent interview, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman teased what fans can expect in Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video series.

The show, based on the comic series of the same name, stars the likes of Steven Yeun (Invincible), J.K. Simmons (Omni-Man), and Sandra Oh (Debbie Grayson) and has been a huge hit with fans.

Announced back in 2021 with Season 2, Invincible Season 3 is coming soon, with the team "deep" into development according to co-showrunner Simon Racioppa.

Invincible comic artist Ryan Ottley confirmed it will only be a year between the recent conclusion of Season 2 and the start of Season 3.

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Invincible Creator Says More Omni-Man in Season 3

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman told Variety that fans can expect more Omni-Man in Season 3, teasing other upcoming story details.

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Kirkman is excited to bring new focus to several characters in Invincible's large cast, noting Cecil Stedman. In the upcoming season, fans will learn "a little bit of his [Cecil's] backstory" and "more about him as a person."

Kirkman also said that Season 3 will see more development "in some really exciting way" for "the relationship between Mark and Eve." This would make sense given some of Season 2's final moments focusing on that dynamic:

"I don’t want to reveal exactly what we’re doing. There’s a lot of great stuff with Cecil Stedman. We get to see a little bit of his backstory and get to know a little bit more about him as a person. The relationship between Mark and Eve is evolving in some really exciting way."

Kirkman then explained that they "took a little bit of a pause on Omni-Man" last season. He said that after Season 1, where he was among the main characters, they wanted to emphasize how "this is the Mark Grayson-Invincible show; it’s not the Omni-Man show."

But he assured fans that J.K. Simmons' Nolan Grayson is "gonna be in Season 3 a little more:"

"It was very important to us in Season 2 to show that this is the Mark Grayson-Invincible show; it’s not the Omni-Man show. Omni-Man was very present in Season 2 and he’s a really big part of the show, but I worried a little bit coming out of Season 1 that people were like, 'Oh, I love that Omni-Man guy. I want to see more Omni-Man.' So we took a little bit of a pause on Omni-Man for Season 2. He’s gonna be in Season 3 a little more."

Finally, Kirkman revealed that one of two new characters likely to appear in Season 3, Viltrumites Conquest and Thragg, "has already been cast:"

"I’ll say, without saying who it is, that one of those two characters [Conquest and Thragg] has already been cast."

This interview was released on April 6, and by April 12, the official Invincible X (formerly Twitter) account confirmed that all Season 3 voice acting is complete. As such, it's likely that the other one either has since been cast or will not appear in Season 3.

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What Will Invincible Season 3 Be About?

The Season 3 story details Robert Kirkman revealed to Variety may not surprise fans of the Invincible comics. Much of what he discussed comes specifically from Invincible #50.

This is the final issue before the "All New, All Awesome" tagline begins. Mark starts regularly wearing his new blue-and-black super suit (revealed to be coming to the show by the title cards in Season 2 and official social media teases).

Invincible #50 has three parts, two of which include the events Kirkman told Variety would be coming in season three — the first is titled "What is This?!" It sees both a major falling out between Mark and Cecil ("a lot of great stuff with Cecil Stedman") and the official start of Mark and Eve's romantic relationship ("the relationship between Mark and Eve is evolving").

The second part is titled "At Long Last--The Secret Origin of Cecil Stedman!" ("a little bit of his [Cecil's] backstory"). The story even includes the moment when Cecil first met Omni-Man ("he's [Omni-Man's] gonna be in Season 3 a little more").

Based on the ending of Season 2, though, the crux of Omni-Man's story next season will at least begin with him and Allen working together to escape the Viltrumite prison and Nolan's looming execution.

Following this scene's comic counterpart, Nolan and Allen escape and continue the larger narrative of the fight with the Viltrum Empire in Invincible #55. As such, the escape, battle with the Viltrumites, and new dynamic between Nolan and Allen will likely occur during Season 3, too.

As for Conquest and Thragg, the former first appears in Invincible #61, which follows the "Invincible War" arc. Fans can expect to see that adapted in Season 3 as well.

Thragg appears far earlier in the comics, back in what equates to Season 1, but enters the story in a comic called Invincible Returns, which comes between Invincible #70 and Invincible #71.

If the show follows comics chronology, Season 3 will likely at least cover the build-up to, events of, and aftermath of Invincible War.

Invincible Season 3 does not have a release date yet but is expected to be available on Amazon Prime Video sometime within the next year.

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