Invincible S2: Omni-Man's Books Secret Explained

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For those wondering what Omni-Man was talking about when telling Mark to read his books in the latest episode of Invincible, there’s a good explanation for all of it.

The fourth episode of Season 2 had a lot for fans to digest, which isn’t unexpected given Mark’s surprise reunion with his estranged father.

As it turns out, since the events of Season 1’s destructive finale, Nolan Grayson ended up living in self-imposed exile on the planet Thraxa. Here, he quickly became the natives’ ruler.

Not only that, but Omni-Man already had a new wife, Andressa, and another son named Oliver Grayson.

It doesn’t take long for the Viltrumites to find him and his new family—but not even Mark’s help can save them. However, another unexpected surprise might be able to help the cause down the line.

The Secret of Omni-Man's Books Explained

In the Season 2, Part 1 finale of Invincible, Omni-Man tells his son to “read his books”—but what exactly does that mean?

Well, the answer lies within the comics themselves, so for those who want to wait until the show reveals all, be sure to stop reading here.

The tease of what’s to come occured as Mark lay defeated on Thraxa, with the Viltrumites taking away his father.

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As Nolan Grayson was carted away, he mentions his old books to his son.

Invincible, Season 2, Omni-Man, Nolan Grayson
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These very same books were actually glimpsed earlier in the episode as Debbie looked to give them away. To quote her, she declared to Art that "[she doesn't] want Nolan's book money... Your money... Any longer."

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As established in Season 1, as part of Nolan’s human cover, he wrote sci-fi books, eventually publishing travel pieces instead.

It turns out that these books actually contain some important discoveries from earlier in Nolan’s life before reaching Earth: actual threats to the Viltrumite people.

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One of the two books seen in the show is The Man With the Invincible Gun. Despite its faux details, this tale is actually about an alien named Space Racer whose gun can both hurt and kill Viltrumites.

Nolan first confronted Space Racer 100 years ago, defeating and burying him under rubble alongside his fancy gun.

The other book was Savage Planet, Savage Beasts, which secretly recounts the existence of an alien race known as the Rognarr. The entire race is strong enough to overpower Viltrumites with ease, though they aren’t nearly as intelligent, being more like feral animals than anything.

Do Viltrumites Have Any Other Weaknesses?

While the Viltrumites may seem unbeatable now, the show is undoubtedly going to start to unravel that perception—starting with those books.

Those won't be the only keys to defeating the colonizing super-race. This includes poison from the Klaxus Plants, a deadly manufactured virus, extreme levels of heat, and very specific frequencies.

Then there’s Angstrom Levy, who is bound to discover his own ways to hurt Mark Grayson using his vast Multiversal knowledge—after all, he’s bound to have picked up a few tricks.

The real question is, which threat will come first for Mark? While he may have just taken a heavy beating by the Viltrumites, Angstrom Levy is undoubtedly going to strike at any moment

This isn't even considering the many enemies Invincible has yet to see. Needless to say, it’s not a great time to be in Mark Grayson’s shoes.

Invincible is now streaming on Prime Video. New episodes from Season 2, Part 2 should arrive in a few months.

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